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About the Alfred YF Memorial Scholarship

Alfred YF Wong Memorial Scholarship

On January 13th, at around nine-thirty P.M., Alfred and his parents were driving home from dinner with their older son. It was around this time that a bullet struck Alfred and seriously injured him. He would soon after pass away from complications.

            Alfred was a bright young man who excelled at his studies. He was enrolled in many of the honor programs at Pinetree Secondary, and was passionate about every course he took. Outside of school, he also participated in martial arts, Kumon, basketball, and swimming at Hyack, which he enjoyed very much. He was hoping to apply to become a lifeguard, and had completed many of the required courses. Alfred was also preparing to join leadership camps so that he could volunteer to gain experience and help the community. He had a goal of becoming an electronics engineer, a goal which he researched thoroughly and had begun planning out this winter.

            In his own time, he loved to play video games with his group of friends. He would spend many hours laughing, shouting, and rejoicing with them as they played game after game. He loved to talk with his family and friends about his adventures or the achievements of his friends.

            With his family, he loved travelling the world to see new sights and experience new cultures. He was very close to his parents and brother, and was loved dearly by them.

            Alfred was 15 when he passed away, and although he was taken from us much, much too soon – he lived his 15 years to their fullest extent.

The Scholarship:

There will be two $500 scholarships offered each year to graduating Hyack swimmers. 


Graduating Hyack swimmers who intend to pursue post secondary education are eligible to apply.

1.  Must be a current active Hyack swimmer in one of the programs Hyack offers

2.  Must be intending to study at a post secondary institution (please specify which one)

3.  Must write a short submission about yourself including your GPA and your goals in pursuit of post secondary education.

4.  submit your application by June 15th to Mark Bottrill,  Director of Swimming, Hyack Swim Club at: