High Performance

HYACK's High Performance National Training Program:

The Hyack Swim Club has had a successful Age-group program for many, many years. Our swimmers are consistently amongst the best in the Province, are ranked Nationally, and are the cornerstone of our Senior National group.  Athletes in this group expect results, are committed to attaining them and love the pursuit of excellence in our sport.



The athletes in this program have achieved National standards or have the Age National standard or are Provincial AAA 16& Over finalists and have proven training and academic requirements.

Athletes in this group are expected to be totally dedicated to achieve their maximum potential. This includes complete commitment to the competition and training camp calendar as set by the Director of Swimming, as well as the ability to manage school commitments without significant and on going misses to the training program. Training occurs six days a week including water, weights, and daily dryland sessions. Athletes here learn to master how to train efficiently and effectively on a consistent basis. Mastering skills is an on-going part of the daily routine.

Our objective for the swimmers in this group is to excel at the national level (Age National and Senior National level). The program prepares the athletes to compete at the highest Domestic level and achieve performances which enable them to be selected to various provincial and national team competitions. Race strategies and tactics are refined at this level both in the practice and competition environment.

Practices: 9-10 x per week
Regular schedule combines practices at CCAC and at CGP

Pre-requisite: Graduation from the Age Group Development program, or application for membership by athlete, approval of Director of Swimming. (minimum age 12 female and 13 male to university age). School and academics must not be an issue in this group. It is expected that swimmers will be at workout and also manage to balance academics. Swimmers who have a challenge meeting expectations in this area may be re-directed to the Age Group Development group.

Swimmers’ Commitment and Goals:
1. To work consistently towards achievement of Senior National standard, top 16 at Senior Nationals and beyond.
2. Ensure lifestyle choices support the ability to attend workout regularly and perform at the required level.
3. Ensure school is not an issue.
4. Be punctual.
5. Commit to meet calendar and training camps as required.

Parents’ Commitment:
1. Commit to the yearly meet and camp calendar as set by the Director of Swimming.
2. Plan and budget ahead for all competitions and training camps.
3. Respect practice start times and be punctual driving swimmers to the pool.
4. Ensure swimmers have the appropriate gear as required.

Practice Info:
1. Be Punctual and attend all practices.
2. Be ready to train and work towards the Top 16 and beyond. This is the top group in the club and the swimmers inside it have a responsibility to be ready to work hard.
3. There are various forms of training each day, be prepared with the appropriate gear to do each type of workout properly.

Schedule 2019 - 2020:

    HP National    
  Monday, Wednesday, Friday 6:00 - 8:00 am CCAC  
  Monday, Wednesday, Friday 2:30 - 5:15 pm CGP  
  Tuesday & Thursday 3:00 - 6:00 pm CCAC  
  Saturday 6:00 - 9:00 am CGP  

Tri-Cities and Hyack Team Up...
The Tri-Cities School Districts is to offer student-athlete service in conjunction with Hyack Swim Club.

Through the EPIC Program Tri-Cities students will be able to organize a flexible schedule for their Hyack swimming commitments.  It is meant to meet the needs of high performance athletes in the Tri-City area.  You can apply right at your schools for entrance to the program. Please contact Mark Bottrill ( for contact information on this program.

New Westminster Secondary School students:
New Westminster Secondary School is to offer student-athlete service in conjunction with the Hyack Swim Club.  
Through the Recognized Athlete Program NWSS students will be able to organize a flexible schedule for their Hyack swimming commitments.   This program promotes a graduate academic curriculum conducive to High Performance training requirements.  Please contact Mark Bottrill ( for contact information on this program.