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HTAC is supported by a team of experienced, highly dedicated volunteer board members made up of numerous individuals with an association to the club such as parents and former swimmers.

2020/2021 Board Members (Updates are added as they are received)

Co- Presidents: Heather Brezovan and Rebecca Saturley    [email protected]

Heather Brezovan

Heather has been an HTAC parent for the last 7 years. This is her third year on the HTAC Board of Directors, and her first year as the Co-President. She has two swimmers, Katarina in Junior Blue, and Izzy in Youth Blue.
Heather is a Registered Massage Therapist, and has been self employed for over 20 years.   

Rebecca Saturley

Rebecca is in her first year on the HTAC Board of Directors.  Her son Oliver swims in the Junior Blue group.  Rebecca is a labour and employment lawyer at Stewart McKelvey and the Managing Partner of the Halifax Office.

Past President - Ginette Mazerolle

Ginette has been a HTAC parent for the last 5 years and is starting her 3rd year on the HTAC Board of Directors. She has 2 swimmers, Marisol in Senior Blue and Amélie in Youth Blue. Ginette has worked as a lawyer with the federal Department of Justice for the past 22 years and is presently Regional Director and General Counsel.


Vice President: Valerie McBride

Valerie McBride is in her second year as a Board of Director.  Her daughter Isobel swims with the Junior Blue group.   After a career as an IT and management consultant, Valerie now leads organizational change management at Nova Scotia Power. 


Treasurer: Shereen Badawy

This is Shereen’s second year as a HTAC parent and first year on the Board of Directors. Her son, Hasan Hosny, is in National Development. Shereen has over 20 years experience in the Banking sector and counting.

Secretary - Pam O'Reagan

Pam O'Regan is a new member of the Halifax Trojan Aquatic Club Board of Directors and is secretary on the board this year.  This will be her third year as a HTAC parent. She has 1 HTAC swimmer, Mary-Lou, who swims in Junior White. She is a Level 3 official and served as co-chair of officials for HTAC for the past 2 years. She is also involved in the summer swimming program as an official and a board member.  

Registrar: Kathryn Hull

Kathryn is new to the Board of Directors and in her first year as Registrar but her 6th year as a Trojan parent. Kathryn has 3 swimmers: Adam in Senior White, Ryan in Junior Blue and Lauren in Youth White. Kathryn is a business consultant with clients ranging from healthcare organizations to export manufacturers. She has over 20 years experience with small high tech businesses in Nova Scotia. 

Member at Large / Parent Rep: Heather Collins   [email protected]

Heather Collins is beginning her 2nd year as a member of the Halifax Trojan Aquatic Club Board of Directors. This will be her fourth year as a HTAC parent and her second season as the Parent Rep Coordinator. She has 2 swimmers, Ella, who swims in National Development and Lilly, who swims in Senior Blue. She has worked as a Flight Attendant with Jazz Aviation (Air Canada Express) for the past 25 years.

Member at Large / Finance Committee Chair: Darrell Rooney

Darrell has been an HTAC Parent for the last 9 years. Currently, Darrell and Brenda have two swimmers in the program, Sophie (National) and Lily (Junior White). Darrell previously served on the HTAC Board for 7 years from 2013 to 2019, servicing as Treasurer for 6 of those years.
Darrell is a Chartered Professional Accountant and is Senior Director, Financial Services at Saint Mary’s University.

Member at Large / Fundraising Committee Chair : Monica Rodriguez


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