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Family Commitment

A club of this size that has existed almost 50 years is built on the involvement and dedication of parents and coaches.

Families are welcomed and encouraged to participate in activities which will be directed at supporting HTAC programs while other opportunities will remain available for families to reduce their membership fees.

 A strong Club is also reliant on its families to support its coaches and swimmers. We are asking each family to committ to one food/prize donation and two volunteer shifts during a swim season.  We recognize that many families will exceed this minimum.  We hope this initiative will broaden the base of those that participate in Club activities – as the old saying goes, "many hands make light work".  There are numerous activities at all levels of the Club in which you can participate: assisting in the planning and execution of swim meets, officiating at meets and timing at Time Trials, engaging in fundraising activities, supporting social events or serving on a Board committee. The Club needs you to get involved!​​

Food/Prize Donation and  Volunteer Commitment Shifts  

Food/Prize Donation Volunteer Commitment Shift
Canteen Food/Drink Canteen Shift
Officials Room Food/Drink Timing shift
SwimAThon prize donation Senior Official Shift
SwimAThon food/drink donation Program Sales
Committee Work  
SwimAThon Coffee Coordinator
Citrus Committee member Annual Year End Banquet Committee
New Year's Pancake Breakfast (Age Group) Club's 50th Anniversary Gala Dinner
Centennial Parking Fundraiser  

The link below guides you on how to volunteer. Once you have determined your preferred dates and times to volunterr, you can select your shift/donation here. From there just click on the job sign up and check off your job for that event. If you have any questions about volunteering or signing up please email

How to Volunteer for a meet - all meets are volunteer driven within Nova Scotia



SWIMATHON - our club wide annual club fundraiser


Here are a few of the opportunities you may have to add credits to your account:

Officiating Credits - for more information on officiating click here

Officiating credits are credited to the families’ accounts at the end of the season based on the level of certification.  The credits for the different levels of certification are as follows:

Level 5- $300.00

Level 4- $200.00

Level 3- $100.00

Level 2- $50.00

Level 1- $25.00

Officials must volunteer on deck for 5 sessions at HTAC hosted or Non-HTAC hosted meets in Nova Scotia in order to qualify for the credits.

Officials can time or marshall a session or officiate a session. For more information on officiating 

Centennial Parking

Special events parking at Centennial pool is a fundraiser that we share with Cygnus Diving Club and Aqua Nova Synchro Club.  Each event requires two adults to serve as parking lot attendants for about two hours.  As an incentive, HTAC volunteers are credited $35.00 per shift to the swimmer’s account.  50% of the funds raised goes to the Centennial Pool Board for pool improvements, and 50% (minus the volunteer incentive) goes directly to the HTAC operational budget. Volunteers will be notified when an event is and can sign up with the coordinator.

Meet Program Advertisements & Canteen

HTAC families have an opportunity to sell advertisements for the meet programs for HTAC hosted age group swim meets.  We have three options for ads:

Quarter page is $50.00


Half page is $100.00


Full page is $200.00


50% of the proceeds go to the club and 50% go to the swimmers account. 


HTAC has a number of sponsorship packages available for interested companies. 

We appreciate your support and look forward to a great season!