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Communication, It's A Two Way Street 

Halifax Trojan Swim Club has invested in this new integrated web system for managing information. Every family will login with their email address and receive an individual password once registration has been completed and approved.

Our Website

The website and secure portal system provide access to all the news and events for the Club, information on Club policies and procedures, and a personalized record of your swimmer's events and meet performance. Coaching staff will also provide weekly updates with interesting news about swimming in general and the Club specifically as well as pertinent meet information and highlights of club functions.

In order to get the most out of this system, it is important that you check in frequently and keep your personal information up-to-date. You can enter multiple email addresses and mobile phone numbers for receiving text messages.

You can also download the free OnDeck  mobile app  and use it to keep track of your swimmer's information, sign up for meets and volunteer.

Get Involved

Of course, the easiest and most fun way to keep up to date is to get involved with the Club - you will find other parents and volunteers around the pool any time there is a practice, so please introduce yourself!

We also have parent representatives for each group. These parents are seasoned Trojans and can answer many questions. Parent reps will also be in touch with you regarding volunteering with the club

Information Meetings

At the beginning of the year, you will have the opportunity to attend meetings concerning your swimmer's group. These are helpful if you and your swimmer are new to the entire Program, a specific level or a coach. These are great opportunities to meet coaches and volunteers, understand the philosophy and design of your swimmer's program; get a feel for the commitment you and the swimmer are making, and of course ask your own questions.

How Do I Tell The Club What's On My Mind?

Parents are part of a three legged stool that includes the Coach and the Swimmer; keeping a strong flow of well-timed communication between all three is at the heart of a successful age group swim program.

Working with Your Coach

HTAC Coaches are experts in their field and all bring years of experience in swimming and sport to the team. The best way to help the coaches is to preserve the coach-athlete relationship when on the deck of the pool during practice or during swim meets and work with the coach to address concerns one-on-one outside of those contexts. Email is a great way to make contact with our group coaches and arrange a phone call or meeting.

Addressing Concerns

If, after approaching the Group Coach, a concern is not resolved or for those instances where you may need to address a club wide issue, please contact the Head Coach. Please refer for further details HERE

Providing Feedback

From time to time the Club may ask you to participate in surveys or other feedback-gathering exercises to gauge your satisfaction with Club operations. Please participate whenever possible.