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Trojan Beta

Trojan Beta

At a glance:

- The Beta squad is designed for young swimmers who show interest in the sport and have participated in some NovaTech competitions.

- These swimmers are comfortable in a competitive setting. Betas are expected to be qualified at NovaTech Level 1 and approaching the NovaTech Level 2 standards.

- Betas can consistently and legally demonstrate the 4 basic strokes and are confident in their knowledge of practice protocols. 

- Ideal age ranges are 8-11 years for girls and 9-12 years for boys

- The Trojan Beta group is recognized at the FUNdamentals level within the Canadian Sport For Life LTAD spectrum.


- Swimmers at the Trojan Beta level practice 4 times a week with mandatory 15-minute activation routine prior to pool time.


To view the Trojan Beta schedule, please click here

Movement Between Groups:

Please see the "What level will my child swim at and how will they move through the levels?" section on our FAQ page

Squad Equipment:

For a full list of required squad equipment please visit our equipment page

Fees and Registration:

  • Beta members have the flexibility to sign up and pay on a seasonal basis with three sessions spread over the year. We understand and encourage swimmers at this age who wish to participate in multiple extra-curricular sports and activities.