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Atlantic Silver

Atlantic Silver

At a Glance:

  • Atlantic Silver is one of multiple graduation points from the Trojan program.
  • This  group can support athletes from the age of 14 until high school graduation, or swimmers may find themselves transitioning into Atlantic White or Blue at some point prior to graduation. 
  • Swimmers in Atlantic Silver are fully qualified for the Nova Scotia Junior Festival and  are  working  towards qualification at the Nova Scotia Provincial level. 
  • These swimmers are continuing to develop the fundamentals  of this sport and are beginning to explore advanced training protocols and  expectations. 
  • These athletes are comfortable in a competitive swimming environment. Atlantic Silver swimmers will be accountable for their own training and meet performance
  • Swimmers in this  group are able, and encouraged, to pursue alternate activities such as school bands, social clubs, other sports, the IB program, etc.


  • Practices are 6 hours weekly and each practice includes a mandatory 15-minute activation routine prior to pool time.
  • Atlantic Silver swimmers participate in  Strength and Conditioning sessions .


To view the Atlantic Silver schedule, please click here

Movement Between Groups:

Please see the "What level will my child swim at and how will they move through the levels?" section on our FAQ page

Squad Equipment:

For a full list of required squad equipment please visit our equipment page

Fees and Registration: