HELP Not Receiving Club Email

 I used to receive KAJ club email, but I’m no longer getting messages. What can I do? 

  • Check your junk or spam folders – your email messages may be there. Mark anything from as safe.

NOTE: You may have to do this again from time to time if your phone auto updates

  • Log in to your email account web browser. Sometimes your email (Gmail, Hotmail, Shaw, Yahoo etc.) will be putting these messages in the junk folder online, but not in the junk folders on your phone or computer.

  • If this doesn’t work, Shaw and Telus customers contact your email provider – they might be identifying our messages as spam.

  • Still not receiving email? Contact Maureen at We can fix this but only on an individual basis.

Tips to make sure you keep receiving email

  • It's hard to know you haven't received a message if you haven't received it!. Know that the club sends out a newsletter twice a month. If you're not receiving that email that will indicate you are not receiving others.

  • Open all emails from the club before you delete them - even if you're not interested in the content. This way your email provider will not assume you don't want to receive them and mark them as spam.

  • If you have multiple emails logged on the website, consider removing one or more of them so you don't get the same message multiple times.