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Fee Payment Options Schedule

2018-2019 Swim Season
Fee Payment Options Schedule

Please note that KBM now only* accepts credit card payments.

(*Exceptions can be made for those choosing to pay the single payment option with a cheque.)

The following table indicates the Fee Payment options for the KBM programs, but does not reflect the other charges that are noted in "Other Fees" below the table.

During the online Registration process, you are only required to make payment for the non-refundable downpayment indicated in the right-most column in the table below.  Your first 'normal' payment based on the payment option/schedule you select during registration, will be charged to your credit card on October 1.  The downpayment made at registration will be credited back to your KBM account just before October 1.  On every first day of the month, your credit card will be charged with the balance on your KBM account at that time.

Program Fees

Other Fees

Click Other Fees for more information on the actual Governing Body Fee, Volunteer Commitment Fee and Swim Meet Entry fees.  The Governing Body Fee will be invoiced approximately 5-8 weeks after registration and is non-refundable.

Late Payment Penalty Fee

Payments of other fees and charges are due within one month; overdue accounts may be subjected to a 4% late penalty fee.


It is the practice of KBM that swimmers leaving during the season for which they have enrolled in, may be entitled to a partial refund, but the amount is never a straight pro-rated amount. The later in the season the withdrawal occurs, the significantly less of a refund is provided.  Generally, once past the half-way point in the enrolled period, no refund is provided and the full registration amount must be paid.  The Treasurer will provide the exact amount based on when notification in writing (e.g. email) of the early withdrawal is received by KBM.  Note that refunds are not given whatsoever for registration deposits, dryland training, nor for governing body fees.