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While what follows will give you plenty of options to find times, placing and rankings, please consider that an abundance of data does not necessarily correlate with the importance of the data. Obviously, with standardization, results in swimming are easily measurable and comparable. It is nice that a 50 free time in Kingston, Ontario can be compared to a 50 free time in Chilliwack. BC and even better that they can be compared across the years. Unless of course your swim career was many years ago, but before I digress into talk of performance suits, dolphin kicks off walls, suicide turns....

Use these tools to motivate, inspire and chart progress, not to compare.

Results and a record of all your swimmer's times can found:

On our website After logging in click on My Account the My Meet Results from the drop down menu. From there you can sort  an individual's swims to your heart's content 

On the Swimming Canada (SNC) website: For example, a direct link to our pentathlon is

For future reference, you can click your way to it as follows -->Events and Results --> Meet List and Results --> Filter appropriately (SWIMON & usually Eastern for Region) make sure you are in the correct month and click show (Right hand side)

From there the list will be small enough you can find the meet you are looking for,

click View under the Meet Report and choose the event you want to look at.

Another option for results include (and I am sure there are lots of others):

Click your way to it as follows>Records and Rankings Tab-->Search for an Athlete (this link is on the left column almost at the bottom) 

Clear the boxes and enter a swimmers name - this is the easiest way to review all your swimmers best times or get a progression of their events - this lags a bit behind the meet results - usually a business day or two.

As mentioned, despite the opportunities to look at copious amounts of data,

I caution all parents and swimmers to avoid an over analysis. You can always find a way to feel better or worse about a swim. My recommendation to parents, is to give your swimmer ownership over their reactions (I'm not talking about throwing goggles or other such nonsense) maybe provide a gentle alternative if their reactions are a bit extreme and ensure you keep it about them, not about how they compare to someone else.