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Laps for Loonies is an annual fundraising event for Kamloops Classic Swimming, where we collect funds to offset declining Gaming Fund support and rising expenses; ensuring that swimming remains financially accessible to most Kamloops families. Swimmers will raise money for the club by seeking sponsors ahead of time for each length of the challenging Nov 26th,  5km swim. Younger swimmers, especially those in novice and junior may choose to challenge themselves with half that distance.

Regardless of how far you decide to swim we hope that all families will get involved so that we can continue to provide quality youth programs.

The KCS Laps-for-Loonies is held each year in conjunction with Swimming Canada's 5km Challenge. Although our more junior groups will not be expected to swim this distance, the full 5km swim will be expected for our Age Group and Senior swim groups. The results of the 5km swim will be added to the 5 km Pool Challenge rankings organized by Swim Canada on the Swimming Canada website.

When is the Laps-for-Loonies Event?

Laps for Loonies  will take place at the TCC on Sunday Nov 26th at 6.00am. At the end there will be food and refreshments.

What is the club fundraising goal?

The fundraising goal for the 2017 Laps-for-Loonies is $10,000.

Who participates?

All KCS swimmers from the Novice thru Senior rosters, will be encouraged to participate in this fun, team-building event.

How far will each roster group be swimming?

Each group will have a distance goal set by their coach. The Senior groups will be expected to achieve the 5km swim within the 2 hr time limit.

How much money are swimmers expected to raise?

Each family or individual on the KCS Swim Club should have a goal to raise at least $100.00. Our team goal is to raise $10,000.  A team effort is needed to accomplish our goal so we hope that everyone will participate. Please remember these pledges will significantly help our club and keep costs down for families.

Two Ways to Fundraise

  1. Family, Friends, Neighbour Support: Pledges may be collected from family, friends, teachers, neighbours, business associates, etc., either by going door to door (with a parent), sending an e-mail, making a phone call or by writing a letter.  100% of cash donations go to the club. Pledge forms and envelopes will be given out to swimmers soon. Monies can be submitted weekly and fundraising totals will be updated so the kids can see how they rank!

  2. Online Donations: If someone is seeking a charitable receipt or are donating from out of town then they can donate online (min. $20) to one of our two charitable Funds. The club receives 95% of these donations. Please reference your swimmers name in the notes section of the donation page.



Youth Development Fund: assists youth swimmers new to the sport through to those competing at the AAA provincial level.Funds raised will go towards teambuilding/community service activities, specialized skill-development camps, dryland and pool-based coaching expenses, as well as equipment purchases.

High Performance Fund: assists swimmers representing the club at Western Cdn., National and International levels. Funds raised will go towards hosting world-class experts in performance-enhancing fields of nutrition, sports psychology, dry land training, high-level training opportunities for club coaches and travel/competition costs for National-level athletes.

  •  **Visit the Funds Page to access our online donations pages CLICK HERE

Are there incentive prizes?

Yes, all swimmers who raise $250.00 or more will be entered into a draw to win a fitness watch. 

Are parent volunteers required?

On the day of the Laps-for-Loonies Event, each swimmer will need to bring a lap counter with them. This can be a parent, extended family member, or friend.

When will swimmers get more information?

Laps-for-Loonies packages will be distributed to swimmers in early October.