Junior Sharks 1 hour

Description Currently Under Review: August 28, 2017

Junior Sharks 1 hour program 

Monday/Wednesday/Friday – 5:30-6:30 PM 

Swimming is an essential life skill worth investing in, especially when we live in such a beautiful place surround by lakes! At Kenora Swimming Club we understand how important it is for your child to be a strong swimmer. Our team of coaches will help your child become a strong swimmer and achieve their swimming goals. 


Join us today and watch your child excel!

The Junior Sharks program is the next step in our early competitive stream. This group builds on the basic skills learned in the Junior Sharks half hour program and adds another level of technical difficulty. Swimmers will also learn swimming specific skills such as circle swimming, reading a pace clock, and swim meet preparation. We encourage swimmers at this level to attend intra-club meets to test skills and to practice competing. Those meets include time trials and Red vs. Black meets. After achieving all of the standards for the group, swimmers graduate to Competitive Group 3 (Walleyes). The Junior Sharks 1 hour program is suitable for swimmers who have completed the Junior Sharks 1/2 program or coach assessment.

  • Three weekly swimming sessions
  • Sessional registration at Kenora Recreation Center starting in September, December and March.
  • Attend at least one time trial or Red vs. Black meet
  • Graduates move on to Competitive Group 3
  • Prerequisites: Red Cross Swim Level 2 or Junior Sharks 1/2 hour program or coach assessment.