Swim Wear & Equipment


Swim Wear & Equipment

During Training Sessions


Optional design and colour. We would recommend that girls wear either one piece training suits or Speedo or TYR training bikinis (these stay on when swimmers dive into the water, and help to relieve shoulder strain caused by suit straps on the shoulders).

Swim Caps

Recommended but not compulsory. However, swimmers with long hair are strongly encouraged to wear swim caps in order to keep their hair out of their face. Swim caps also protect swimmers hair from damage caused by the chemicals used to purify the water.

Swim Goggles

COMPULSORY!!!!! Swimmers need to wear goggles in order to protect their eyes from the chemicals used to purify the water. We find that swimmers who have goggles that fit correctly will progress much faster than those whose goggles are a poor fit. Please have your swimmer try on various styles and models of goggles to find a good seal prior to purchase.

At Swim Meets


SOLID BLACK or team swimsuit must be worn in all swim meet competitions. Exceptions may be made for members of training group CG1/CG2 who achieve certain training standards? or for special Championship? meets.

Please Note: It is important for swimmers to establish a feeling of identity with their Team. Just as you wouldn't see a member of the Montreal Canadians Hockey Team play a game wearing a Toronto Maple Leafs jersey, our swimmers need to look the same and feel like they are part of a larger entity by wearing a Team suit.

Swim Caps

The wearing of swim caps is strongly recommended (but optional). However, if the swimmer wears a swim cap during competition, official KSS SWIM CAPS are mandatory.

KSS Uniform Items

Official KSS Uniform items (T-shirts, sweat shirts / sweat pants, deck coats, etc.) are to be worn at all times while on the pool deck at swim meets.

All items of KSS Uniforms can be ordered either through the KSS office or from local businesses, or from specialty swimming suppliers.

Please contact the KSS Head Coach for further information.