MAR. 31

Newsletter 2013-14 Issue 27



Fri Apr 18 NO workouts  Good Friday

Sat Apr 19 Senior Gold/Silver/Blue 6:00 – 7:45 am WSRC

Sat Apr 19 Senior Orange 4:30 -5:30 pm CHOCC

Sat Apr 19 Introductory 4:30 – 5:30 pm CHOCC

Sat Apr 19 Development Two 5:30 – 6:30 pm CHOCC

Sat Apr 19 Age Group Gold NO pm workout at WSRC (still am workout at CHOCC)

Sun Apr 20 NO workouts Easter Sunday


The first shutdown schedule was re-posted last week on the LAC website under the “schedule” tab. This schedule runs from April 7 – May 31. Some weekend workouts will change to Thames in May when the pool becomes available.



CHOCC - Carling Heights Pool - Oxford and Adelaide (off Elizabeth Street) – there is plenty of parking beside the building

CY - Central "Y" - King and Waterloo (382 Waterloo Street) – free parking is available in the “Y” parking lot.

ROB - Robarts/Amethyst School – between Oxford/Cheapside on Highbury - enter off Highbury Avenue into the Robarts service parking lot. Please enter the rental entrance.

MBG - Memorial Boys and Girls Club - Horton and Ridout (184 Horton St) – there is parking available in the back parking lot at the side of the building.

THAM - Thames Park Pool (corner of Horton and Ridout) – there is a parking lot on site and there is overflow parking at the corner of Horton and Ridout in the City parking lot.

WSRC - Western Student Recreation Centre - Sarnia and Western – this is a link to the Western Parking lot Elborn College parking is located across Western Road from the Rec Centre and is free of charge weekdays from 4 pm to 7 am as well as weekends.



The importance of body position: positive, or downhill, body position is something for which all swimmers should strive. There are two forces working on swimmers all the time while they are in the water, one is gravity, trying to pull us down, and the other is buoyancy, trying to keep us up. Our centre of gravity is in our hips, while our centre of buoyancy is in our chest (where our lungs are located). We want to ride as high in the water as possible, and to do this we need either good buoyancy, really strong kick or, ideally, a combination of both. Some (lucky) people are naturally more buoyant and thus can hold better body position relatively easily. Those perhaps not quite as buoyant must rely on strong, fit legs to help elevate the lower half of the body into a more horizontal position. This is why kick endurance is so critically important to swimming; while the kick has a propulsive element that contributes to speed, its more important contribution is in the area of body position. Three other minor (and simple) adjustments we can make to ensure "downhill" or "positive" body position (on our front)  are 1) lower the chin 2) extend the arms in front and 3) press the chest down. Focus on these areas in your next training cycle and see if you can improve your body position.



This meet takes place at CGAC. 13 & over warm up: 6:30 am and 12 & under warm up: 10:50 am.


Swimmer Account Statements

Swimmer statements for meets up to the first weekend in March and any team travel / Florida camp adjustments were not sent out on the weekend, they will be sent out later this week (possibly not until the weekend). The statements will be sent by e-mail to your website login e-mail. Included in the e-mail will be options for making payment.

Amounts generally relate to meet entry fees but they also include misc. items and minor membership fee adjustments. General information on swimmer statements including payment options can be found by logging in to the website and looking under swimmer accounts. The entry summary tab includes details for meet fees (please note we do not currently use the website billing system). 

Families are reminded that payment is due on receipt. As always, feel free to contact me at if you have any questions about the postings on your account. For any questions requiring more than a simple e-mail, please see me at the pool or e-mail me so we can make arrangements to speak over the phone.


With the CGAC closed for renovation, the LAC box will no longer be available. We are currently looking at having a LAC Box at CHOCC or making some other arrangements for dropping off payments.



On April 19th (Easter Saturday) LAC will host the Eastern Canadian Tri-Meet at the Western pool. This competition features the top 24 age group swimmers from each of Ontario, Quebec and the Atlantic provinces. We are in need of both minor officials (timers, stoke and turn judges) and senior officials to volunteer for the meet. This is a one day meet with a morning and afternoon timed final session, showcasing some very fast swimming. Each session should be approximately 3 hours in length, or less. This meet is ideal for high school students looking to earn their volunteer hours. Sign up is now available on the LAC web site. Senior officials please sign up now through the OSOA web site.

For further information please contact Minor Officials Coordinator Mike Joudrey at or Paul Cappa, Meet Manager at



This meet takes place at WSRC (Western) and all LAC swimmers are invited to attend. This meet is now posted on the LAC website and is available for sign up.



First of all I want to remind everyone that I will be hosting an information meeting on Wednesday, April 2 at 7:00 P.M. in the upstairs meeting room at CGAC - everyone is invited to come out and learn more about moving up the officiating ladder and what is involved in being a meet manager. If you are interested, please drop in and we can talk. There is no obligation in learning more. If this date does not work for you then please let me know and I can meet with you personally.

LAC is hosting the 2014 Eastern Canadian Tri Competition at Western University on April 19th. We are in need of Senior Officials for this meet. This is the perfect opportunity for anyone that has taken an online clinic and wants an opportunity to try working a senior position for the first time.  If you will be qualified by the meet date please sign up using your OSOA account or contact me via email.  Sign-ups for minor officials are open now on the LAC web site.

The Hollandia Invitational is on the weekend of May 9 to 11.  You can sign up for senior official positions using you OSOA.CA account now.

If anyone has any questions about anything officiating related, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Mark Lukings L.A.C. Co-Club Officials Chair



Apr 6 Pentathlon CGAC (ALL LAC swimmers) Entry Deadline: Mar 20

May 9-11 Hollandia Western University (ALL LAC swimmers)



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