APR. 14

Newsletter 2013-14 Issue 29



Fri Apr 18 NO workouts Good Friday

Sat Apr 19 Senior Gold/Silver/Blue 6:00 – 7:45 am WSRC

Sat Apr 19 Senior Orange 4:30 -5:30 pm CHOCC

Sat Apr 19 Introductory 4:30 – 5:30 pm CHOCC

Sat Apr 19 Development Two 5:30 – 6:30 pm CHOCC

Sat Apr 19 Age Group Gold NO pm workout at WSRC (still am workout at CHOCC)

Sun Apr 20 NO workouts Easter Sunday

Sat May 3 Senior Orange 3:00 - 5:00 pm WSRC

Sat May 17 Senior Gold/Silver 6:30 - 8:30 am WSRC

Thank you to all our LAC families for your patience and co-operation adapting to our new schedule. There have been a few adjustments made to the schedule and it has been reposted and the groups affected have been notified. The next schedule (June 2 - 28) has now also been posted to the LAC website. This schedule may be subject to change and conditional on the opening of Thames Park Pool.



To reiterate the above, the coaches are all very appreciative of everyone's efforts in making our new training schedules work. There are always a few wrinkles that require ironing out "on the fly", but the great spirit of cooperation and collaboration exhibited during this time speaks volumes to everyone's commitment to, and belief in, the LAC program.

Let's talk some more on body position, specifically about body alignment. Obviously, we want to swim in as straight a line as possible down the pool - the easiest way to visualize this is to see what the strokes look like from a front view, with the swimmer moving toward you. For the "long axis" strokes, rotating around the spine (FR&BK), ideally you will see the top of the head and the shoulders. If you see hips, or legs, or too much body front, these are signs that the body is not in a position to create minimal resistance. What we want is a straight line down the spine from the top of the head to the toes, and rotation (but not too much) around the spine. For the "short axis" strokes, rotating around the hips (FL&BR), there will be some vertical movement of hips and body but no sideways movement! We use the "air bags" (the lungs) to lift the hips to the surface, with some undulation (but not too much) around the hips, keeping the body in as horizontal a position as possible. Just as cars need good wheel alignment, swimmers need good body alignment to get on and stay on the road to success!

CONGRATULATIONS to club record-setter Maggie MacNeil in the 13/14 girls 100BK.


This meet takes place at WSRC (Western) and all LAC swimmers are invited to attend. This meet is now posted on the LAC website and is available for sign up.



Swimmer Account Payments

We are still working on trying to get the LAC box set-up at CHOCC. In the meantime, you can give your cheque to one of Andrew, Donna, Cindy, Liz or Meggin and they will be sure to pass it along to me. 

As always, feel free to contact me at if you have any questions about the postings on your account. For any questions requiring more than a simple e-mail, please see me at the pool or e-mail me so we can make arrangements to speak over the phone.




We need your help. LAC is hosting the 2014 Eastern Canadian Tri Competition at Western University this Saturday, April 19th. We are still in need of Stroke and Turn judges for both sessions, Timers for the afternoon session, and some Senior Officials for this meet. If you can help with Strokes and Turns or Timing then please contact Mike Joudrey at If you can help with running the electronics or serving as Chief Timer or Clerk of Course then please contact me via email.

This past weekend I had the pleasure of being Referee and Starter at an Aqua 7 league meet in St. Thomas and at a SEAL league meet in Blenheim. It was fun visiting some teams that come to our meets, on their turf, and working at their development level league meets. I recommend it. They have some good stuff going on at some very nice facilities.

If anyone has any questions about anything officiating related, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Mark Lukings L.A.C. Co-Club Officials Chair



May 9-11 Hollandia Western University (ALL LAC swimmers) Entry Deadline: Apr 17

Jun 6-8 WOSA 13/O Champs Brock University (13/O qualifiers) Entry Deadline: May 20

Jun 7-8 WOSA Sting Brock University (non-regional qualifiers) Entry Deadline: May 20

Jun 14-15 WOSA 12/U Regionals Western University (12/U qualifiers) Entry Deadline: May 27



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