APR. 22

Newsletter 2013-14 Issue 30



Sat May 3 Senior Orange 3:00 - 5:00 pm WSRC

Sat May 17 Senior Gold/Silver 6:30 - 8:30 am WSRC

Mon May 19 NO workouts due to Victoria Day Holiday

The next schedule (June 2 - 28) has now also been posted to the LAC website. This schedule may be subject to change and conditional on the opening of Thames Park Pool.



Last week body alignment was discussed - this week let's look at the idea of "Dynamic Body Movement". Basically this refers to the fact that the body undergoes shifts or changes in position throughout every stroke. We want to keep our body balance & alignment as close to perfect as possible while these shifts occur, because the reality is we need to pass through our "most resistant" position in each stroke to get back into our "least resistant" position in each stroke. The body is constantly shifting position during the strokes - in FR and BK we want to maximize time spent "on our side" (but not too much on our side!) and minimize time spent in the highly resistant "flat on the breast" position. For FL & BR, the "short axis" strokes, our body is more like a teeter-totter, alternating between chest low-hips high "positive" body position and chest high-hips low "negative" body position. It's essential in all strokes but especially in FL & BR to maximize time spent in the positive position and minimize time spent in the negative position. A swimmer whose body is hydro-dynamic is a swimmer who is maximizing the propulsive movements in every stroke cycle, and minimizing the resistant forces in every stroke cycle. The more hydro-dynamic you are, the faster you will go!

CONGRATULATIONS to Jenna Roman for her participation in the Eastern Canadian Tri-Camp and Meet last weekend. Jenna was one of 60+  top 14-17 year old swimmers from Ontario, Quebec and the Atlantic Provinces selected to attend.

CONGRATULATIONS also to LAC alumni and graduating Western Mustang swimmers Shannon Nell and Robert Wise, each of whom received the prestigious Purple Blanket at the recent Western University Athletic Awards Banquet.


This meet takes place at WSRC (Western) and all LAC swimmers are invited to attend. Warm up and start times for each session are posted under the meet on the LAC website.



Thanks to all of the volunteers who offered up their Easter weekend to help officiate at the Tri Meet, and special thanks to those who helped with set-up and tear down.  The meet was a good test run for our upcoming Hollandia Invitational in May. 

I also wish to thank Meet Referee Mark Lukings for another outstanding job, along with our senior officials (Rose, Matthew, Tony, Janet, and Dennis) many of whom travelled from out of town to make the meet a success.

Paul Cappa, Meet Manager

Eastern Canadian Tri Meet



Thank you to everyone who volunteered at the 8th Annual Eastern Canadian Tri Competition on Saturday. A special thank you to the out of town Senior Officials who gave up their Saturdays and came to help from Stratford, Tillsonburg and Leamington!

We have three more LAC-hosted meets this season, all of them multi-day events. The next meet is the Hollandia Spring Invitational running May 9-11 at the Western Student Recreation Centre. The job sign-ups will be posted shortly. Let’s see if we can get the sessions fully staffed in the first few days! We will be allowing non-LAC volunteers to take slots starting 2 days after the postings are opened to unlimited sign-ups per family.

If anyone has any questions about anything officiating related, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Mark Lukings L.A.C. Co-Club Officials Chair



May 9-11 Hollandia Western University (ALL LAC swimmers) Entry Deadline: Apr 17

Jun 6-8 WOSA 13/O Champs Brock University (13/O qualifiers) Entry Deadline: May 20

Jun 7-8 WOSA Sting Brock University (non-regional qualifiers) Entry Deadline: May 20

Jun 14-15 WOSA 12/U Regionals Western University (12/U qualifiers) Entry Deadline: May 27



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