Newsletter 2014-15  Issue 1  September 22 


This is the first issue of our weekly newsletter for the 2014-15 swim year. You will receive the newsletter directly via email (usually on Tuesday each week) and it will also be posted to our website - it is an essential information source with respect to all areas of London Aquatic Club operations, so please make sure you take the time to read it!

Workout Changes
Saturday, October 11; Age Group Orange 4:30-5:30 pm at CHOCC
Saturday, October 11; Development 1&2 5:30-6:30 pm at CHOCC
Sunday, October 12; No LAC Workouts
Monday, October 13; No LAC Workouts

Workout schedule for October 14 - November 1 is posted on the LAC website under the Schedules tab

Competition schedule for 2014-15 is now posted on the LAC Website under Schedules tab


A big WELCOME BACK to everyone and a special WELCOME to all of you who are receiving your very first LAC newsletter! We trust that everyone had a relaxing and enjoyable summer, and also trust that you are all as excited and eager to get back in the water and start working toward your goals as we are to help you achieve them.

Swimmers, the time is NOW for you to focus on your technique and the small details. How FAST you swim in these first days and weeks is far less important than simply HOW you swim! Pay attention to your coaches and their instructions, make sure you understand exactly how the stroke drills are to be done, and focus on the basics: ready position on the wall, push-offs, streamlines, underwater kicks, and head & body position. Think big arms and light powerful legs, and think long boat. The less splash you make, the better and faster you will ultimately swim. If you can focus on these areas now, good technique later will become almost automatic. It's not how hard you swim, it's how you swim hard, that counts!

Let's have a great year...BIGGER and BETTER than ever before. GO LAC GO!


We are truly fortunate to have such a great facility as the Canada Games Aquatic Centre, which allows us to host several competitions each year (6 in 2014-15), thereby enabling us to maintain our financial health, thus keeping membership fees relatively low. We are facing a serious crisis in that there are very few of our major and minor meet management positions that are filled. We cannot run meets without meet managers to oversee the organization and delivery of each event. To keep your child's involvement in this great sport and great organization economically sustainable, we need sufficient volunteer commitment to our meets...otherwise the game will change. Please take the time to read our Officials message below to find out how you can become involved.


Hello everyone and welcome back for the 2014-15 swimming season!  For those of you who do not know me I am your COC (Club Officials Chair), in charge of everything to do with officiating for the club.  I share this role with long time London Aquatic Club supporter Rose Bloch-Hansen.

If you look at this year’s LAC Hosted Meet Schedule you will see that we have another busy year ahead of us.  Our October Time Trial will be held from 7:00 A.M. to Noon on October 19th at Western University, but all other meets should be at our "home" pool, the Canada Games Aquatic Centre.

When looking at the schedule you should know that we are short a few meet managers.  We really need a few people to volunteer to help in this way.  We cannot run meets without meet managers.  Ideally we will get a lot of people interested and we can team manage the bigger meets which will make the job easier for everyone.  This is a great way to get a bunch of session credits quickly.  You will have lots of help, support and on the job training.  First-year parents are more than welcome, and encouraged, to get involved!

Last year I was looking for people to work toward becoming Level 2 officials.  I had quite a few people getting lots of sign-offs at the last few meets!  To help get things moving again and to provide the required training, I plan on having an information session (1 hour) and live clinics for all of the officiating roles this year.  There will be more information coming in future newsletters.

For those of you who would like the best option to learn some other meet officiating jobs, the fall Western Ontario Swimming Association Officials’ Clinics will be held on Saturday, October 4 at the St. Thomas Campus of Fanshawe College at 120 Bill Martyn Parkway.  The clinics run from 9-11:30 A.M. (Referee, Clerk Of Course, Strokes and Turns, and Chief Finish Judge/Chief Judge Electronics) and from 12:30-3:00 P.M. (Starter, Meet Manager, Recorder Scorer, Chief Timekeeper, and Club Officials Chairperson).  Morning refreshments and lunch are provided and all of this is free of charge.  I highly recommend these as there will be a lot of expertise available to answer all of your questions.  You can sign up using your OSOA account or you can let me know that you are interested and I will make sure that they know to expect you.     

Speaking of OSOA accounts, officials from last year should have received an email asking you to confirm that you are still an active official.  If you have not done so, please find this email and follow the directions to ensure that your account and online record is not deleted.

To all LAC'ers, new and . . .experienced, I am looking forward seeing you at the clinics and on deck! 

Mark Lukings L.A.C. Co-Club Officials Chair

Awards Banquet
All LAC Members - New and Returning are welcome!!
Date: Sunday, October 19
Time: 4-8:30 pm
Location: Greek Canadian Club, 965 Sarnia Road
Sign up: Will be posted on the LAC Website, stay tuned for details
Watch the swimmers receive their trophies, medals, plaques and ribbons