Sept 30

Newsletter 2014-2015 Issue 2 September 30

Coaches Report

Hopefully everyone is becoming familiar with their practice schedule as we move into October. Before you know it we'll be looking at Halloween and then we're in to November. The time is now to be "hard-wiring" all of the good habits that will help you on the road to success.

A few reminders on the "habit" side of things: 1) check with your coaches to determine exactly what swimming equipment you are supposed to have 2) make sure you are arriving at practice on time...walking on the deck at 5:30 is different than getting in the water at 5:30! 3) again, these first few weeks the coaches are interested in one thing above all else: good technique - pay attention to HOW you are swimming - HOW FAST you are swimming comes later. And remember that discipline is what you're doing when nobody is many underwater dolphin kicks are you doing off the wall when the coach isn't looking? That's how many you're going to do when it counts.

Note: Swimmers that received an Annual Award at the October 2013 Award Banquet - please return it to your Coach as soon as possible.

Congratulations: To the six Development Coaches that have recently completed the Swimming 101 Course.

Coach Darda has an opportunity for swimmers and families to find out more about the sport of wheelchair basketball.  The London Wheelchair Basketball Association is holding their annual Wheely Ball A Thon fundraiser this Sunday (Oct. 5) at the Stoneycreek YMCA (920 Sunningdale Rd.) and for a donation, LACers can jump in a wheelchair and see what the fun is all about by playing in a fun game against the local wheelchair basketball team.  Wear a LAC shirt and show off your blue and orange pride.

Workout Changes
Saturday, October 11; Age Group Orange 4:30-5:30 pm at CHOCC
Saturday, October 11; Development 1&2 5:30-6:30 pm at CHOCC
Sunday, October 12; No LAC Workouts
Monday, October 13; No LAC Workouts

Workout schedule for October 14 - November 1 is posted on the LAC website under the Schedules tab

Awards Banquet
All LAC Members - New and Returning are welcome!!
Date: Sunday, October 19
Time: 4-8:30 pm
Location: Greek Canadian Club, 965 Sarnia Road
Sign up: Is posted on the LAC Website
Watch the swimmers receive their trophies, medals, plaques and ribbons


Last week I had a lot of information in the officials entry.  If you have not read it, please do so now.

The St.Thomas clinics are for anyone but the intent is that they are for people who have already taken the timer clinic and have a little deck experience.  If you have never taken a clinic, we will be hosting local clinics this season, timer and strokes and turns several times, the others will be demand dependent.  There were a number of people who responded to my call for people who will strive for becoming a level II official this season.  The St. Thomas clinics are an excellent opportunity to take a couple of clinics so that you can decide which additional position you would like to certify in.  Once you have Timer and Strokes and Turns, the logical progression is one or all of Chief Timer, Clerk Of Course and Chief Finish Judge.  Meet Manager, and Starter take a little longer to get certification and you have to be level 3 before you can be Referee, however, if you think Starter is for you, you can ONLY take the Starter and Referee clinics at a live event.        

If you have your Timer clinic behind you and are interested in Strokes and Turns, I will be arranging a Strokes and Turns Clinic between now and the Time trial.  If I can find a room, then I will aim for the Friday night or Saturday of the same weekend.  Since it is just us we can stack the deck with new S&T officials to give them some immediate experience.

I attended the OSOA annual seminar in Toronto on the weekend and there are some rule changes that are in the works but will not be implemented until the New Year.  The one notable one that is in effect immediately is that pool entry infractions during the warm-up will be penalized without warning.  The first offense will be scratching the swimmer from their first event.  The second will result in the swimmer being removed from the meet.  With so many swimmers in the pool during warm-up safety is getting a high priority.

Mark Lukings L.A.C. Co-Club Officials Chair


Oct 19 LAC Time Trial        WSRC           All LAC          Entry Deadline Oct 7
Oct 31-Nov 2 Harvest         Etobicoke      Qualifiers       Entry Deadline Oct 7
Nov 1 Practice Meet           CHOCC          Dev               Entry Deadline Oct 23
Nov 1 -2 Autumn Inv           Etobicoke      Qualifiers       Entry Deadline Oct 9
Nov 1-2 SWA Sprint            Tillsonburg    Age Group    Entry Deadline Oct 9


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