Oct 7

 Newsletter 2014-2015 Issue 3 October 7

Coaches Reports
We’re excited to report that our membership numbers have remained fairly constant between last year and this year, which is a good sign given the upheaval which the Canada Games Aquatic Centre shutdown has caused us. Next week signals our transition to our 2nd fall training schedule, which will be in place for 3 weeks, and hopefully by Nov.3 we’ll be back at CGAC, where the bulk of our programs operate.

Head Coach Andrew was in Calgary for the Canadian Swimming Congress in late September, and took away several important messages, one of which is tied to the LONG TERM ATHLETE DEVELOPMENT (LTAD) strategy, or model, to which most national and provincial sport organizations ascribe. It’s called the “PENCIL”  metaphor: when coaches are working with developing swimmers (and developing swimmers aren’t necessarily just those who are aged 12 and younger) they should be thinking about filling and using the whole pencil case, rather than always using the same pencil, i.e., swimming the same (perceived best) stroke and distance over and over again. Using the same pencil over and over again, sharpening it over and over again, leads in very short order to a tiny, tiny pencil that eventually is of no use. By developing competency in all the strokes, filling the case with an array of pencils, each and every London Aquatic Club swimmer is more likely to continue successfully writing and drawing their unique aquatic story. LAC’s coaching staff is committed to delivering a comprehensive program focused on a) skill development in all 4 swimming strokes b) physiological (cardiovascular and muscular) development and c) psychological development.  As swimmers move along the LTAD continuum, it is our hope that they continue to successfully summit peaks big and small, but the reality is there will be times of challenge and heartbreak, and hopefully every LAC swimmer will have developed the skill set and the mind set to overcome these inevitable valleys.

CONGRATULATIONS: to the following swimmers who were selected and attended Regional Training Camps in Guelph: Eesha Garg, Alex Lobo, Clara MacNeil, Alexander Pedda and Leah Polito.

Additional Workouts:
Are available for the following groups at Thames during the Oct 14 to Nov 1 schedule.
These will run as the weather permits and the water temperature remains above 28 degrees C.
Age Group Bronze                Tuesday        4:30 – 5:30 pm
Development                        Tuesday        5:30 – 6:30 pm
Age Group Gold & Silver       Thursday       4:30 – 5:30 pm
Age Group Blue & Orange     Thursday       5:30 – 6:30 pm

Parent Meeting for New LAC Parents
When: Thursday, October 16th from 5 to 7 pm
Where: Carling Heights Optimist Community Centre
Why: Hear from the Coaches and Board Members

NOTES FROM THE TREASURER -Swimmer Account Statements

Statements were emailed to families this past weekend. A reminder that the amounts due will be debited from your account on Wednesday October 15th.  If you have any questions about the amount due, feel free to contact me at For any questions requiring more than a simple e-mail, please see me at the pool or e-mail me so we can make arrangements to speak over the phone.

Thanks to all the families for moving to the PAD system and getting their forms in to me. There were a few minor hiccups with the first major run, but moving forward, the new system should be much more convenient for both the club and swim families


LAC Time Trial:
Volunteers are needed for Timing and Stroke and Turns at the October 19th LAC Time Trial. Please sign up now on the LAC website. Note – only one spot per family is available at this time.

Harvest and Autumn Invitational Meet Hotel Information:
Hampton Inn: Call 1-888-381-4311 and reference group code: LAC
Group rate is: $114.00 (must be booked before October 20th to get the group rate)
Homewood Suites: Call 1-888-381-1194 and reference group code: LAC
Group rate is : $134.00 ( must be booked before October 20th to get the group rate)

Team shirts-If any swimmer would like to order a long sleeve team shirt instead of a t-shirt please notify Mary Allen at no later than October 8th.  The cost is $5 and will be billed to your swimmers account. 

Personalized Items- I will be at the October Time Trial with Hoodies, sweat pants, jackets and track suits for swimmers to try on and order.  I will also be taking orders for backpacks and towels and other personalized items at this time. These items will be ready in time for Christmas should you be looking for Christmas gifts.  This may be the only order for personalized items until the New Year so do not miss out!

Practice Equipment-  If anyone is in need of a team suit, LAC swim cap or any practice equipment (fins, snorkel, pull buoy, hand paddles, mesh equipment bag) at any time please email Mary Allen at and we can make arrangement for payment and pickup/delivery. 

Mary Allen

Club Officials Chair:
The St.Thomas clinics had a huge turnout this past weekend and I was delighted to see a number of folks representing LAC at some of the clinics!  Well worth the short drive to St. Thomas. 
The Time Trial is coming up on October 19 and the job postings will be available soon.  If you can commit to attending the Strokes and Turns Clinic at CHOCC on Saturday, October 18 at 6:30 A.M. or would be willing to take the online Strokes and Turns clinic prior to the meet then please sign up for one of the mentoring spots at the time trial.  For everyone else signing up to work Strokes and Turns, you may be asked to be a mentor for one of the new folks.
I will also be hosting a Timer Clinic at CHOCC on Saturday, October 25 at 6:30 A.M.  Taking the Timer clinic is part of your obligation as a LAC parent.  Other family members can come as well.  Officiating is a good way for High school students to earn volunteer hours and get the family a session credit at the same time!
If you have taken a clinic for a level II deck position such as Chief Timekeeper, Clerk of Course, Recorder/Scorer, Chief Finish Judge, etc. and would like to work that job at the time trial, then make sure that you sign-up for the job using your OSOA account or by sending an email to the Meet Referee, Saad Aldin 
There is an excellent job at meets that we are always trying to find new candidates for.  This job is to run the automatic timing system as the timing system console operator.  Sounds intimidating doesn’t it!  Well don’t be fooled.  We purchased new computers and a new timing system last year.  The interface is intuitive and the system much more reliable.  If you can use Microsoft Office or a smart phone then you can use run this.  As side benefits you get a great seat to watch the start and finish, you know the race results before anyone else and in a double ended meet you work in a nice air conditioned space if assigned to the shallow end.  If you are interested in learning this job, it is all on-the-job training.  Let me know and we will get you started at an upcoming meet.     

Last season I put out the call for people who would work toward becoming level 2 officials.  In response,a lot of people were getting sign-offs at the last few meets.  I will be hosting a quick Up-The-Ladder Information and Strategy Session at Medway arena on Saturday November 1 at 12:30 P.M.  Everyone who is interested in more than just timing should attend.  If you are interested and cannot make this time, please let me know and I will try to arrange another opportunity for you.  F.Y.I., to become a level 2 official you need to take clinics for 3 positions including Timer, Strokes and Turns, and one other (what are referred to as level II positions, so anything else except Referee) and have 2 deck sign-offs for all three positions.  A piece of cake, but it is very important to LAC that we have people doing this. 
For anyone who has an interest, the Western Region is hosting a PARA swimming Strokes and Turns Clinic onSaturday November 15 at Conestoga College in Kitchener.  This could be enough to allow you to officiate at the Para-Panam events in Toronto next summer.  The enrolment for this clinic will be capped at 40, there is no charge, and it is an all day (two 3 hour sessions with a lunch break in between).  This clinic is available in our region very infrequently so this is your chance.  If you wish to attend please register using your OSOA account or contact me if you cannot do it on-line. 
If you have any questions, please contact me via the email below. 
Mark Lukings L.A.C. Co-Club Officials Chair

Awards Banquet
All LAC Members - New and Returning are welcome!!
Date: Sunday, October 19
Time: 4-8:30 pm
Location: Greek Canadian Club, 965 Sarnia Road
Sign up: Is posted on the LAC Website
Watch the swimmers receive their trophies, medals, plaques and ribbons