Oct 28

Newsletter 2014-2015 Issue 6 October 28

Coaches Reports

For many of you this coming weekend marks the first "away" racing opportunity of the season. Here are some things the coaching staff will be looking for: 1) great team spirit (LOUD & PROUD!) - this includes wearing your team uniform (bathing cap and T-shirt, with this year's navy blue “ANYTIME ANYWHERE” shirt for Day 1, last year's royal blue “NO EXCUSES NO COMPLAINTS” shirt for Day 2, and an orange shirt for Day 3 “WHY NOT ME”); participating in the team cheer; and supporting your teammates every time you see them swimming 2) punctuality - at the beginning of each session look your coach in the eye and say "Hi Coach, I'm here!" At the end of each session look your coach in the eye and ask: "I think I'm done Coach, what time do you want me here for the next session?" 3) pre- and post-swim reporting - the last person you see before your swim? your coach. The first person you see after your swim, your coach. 4) good warm-up habits - these include getting in on time, completing the entire warm-up, and asking your coach if there's anything they want to see before you finish your warm-up. A good warm-up will take between 30-45mins (take your time), and it should finish no earlier than 45mins before your first swim. 5) fuelling for performance - good eating and hydration habits, both at and away from the pool, with the main message being: make sure you're eating and drinking enough! 6) finally, HAVE FUN! Take one positive from each swim, and one area for improvement, then get ready for the next one! Remember, while personal bests are always a good thing, it can be a good race without being a personal best.

Additional Workouts:
We are going to offer additional workouts for the following groups at Thames during the Oct 14 to Nov 1 schedule. These will run as the weather permits and the water temperature remains above 28 degrees C.
Age Group Gold & Silver       Thursday       4:30 – 5:30 pm
Age Group Blue & Orange     Thursday       5:30 – 6:30 pm

Workout Changes:
Friday Oct 31 No Senior Gold workout due to Harvest Meet
Friday Oct 31 No Age Group Blue, Bronze and Orange workouts – Happy Hallowe’en
Sat Nov 1      Practice meet for all Development swimmers 6:30 – 9 am at CHOCC
Sat Nov 1      No workouts due to meets
Sun Nov 2      No workouts due to meets

March Florida Training Camp:
If you have questions about the camp email Donna at
Sign up is now available for this camp on the LAC website under the “events” tab. Sign up deadline: October 31.

Oct 31-Nov 2 Harvest         Etobicoke       Qualifiers        Entry Deadline Oct 7
Nov 1 Practice Meet          CHOCC           Dev                Entry Deadline Oct 23
Nov 1 -2 Autumn Inv           Etobicoke       Qualifiers        Entry Deadline Oct 9
Nov 1-2 SWA Sprint           Tillsonburg      Age Group      Entry Deadline Oct 9
Nov 21-23 Nothers             CGAC             All LAC          Entry Deadline Oct 30
Dec 11-14 Invitational         Pointe Claire   Qualifiers        Entry Deadline Nov 11

Harvest/Autumn Swim Meets

MSSAC is looking forward to a great Halloween weekend for our upcoming Harvest/Autumn swim meets.
We are looking for volunteers as timers for the meet, especially for Friday evening and Saturday evening sessions. There are also a few positions available for Starter, Chief Timer, Recorder Scorer and Clerk. If you are looking to progress your officiating you can email to volunteer.

Thanks, MSSAC meet management

It’s very early in the season and LAC officials are already showing some nice progress.  At the recent clinics we trained 26 Timers and Safety Marshalls, 11 Judges of Strokes and Turns, 1 Meet Manager and Paul Cappa did a nice job teaching the Timer Clinic.  Thanks Paul.  We have also had 6 people take advantage of various on-line clinics.  At the Time Trial we had 1 Timer, 2 Strokes and Turns, 1 Chief Timekeeper and 1 Starter receive deck sign-offs!  Nice start! 
If you have taken a classroom clinic but have not yet registered on OSOA then please do so.  If you log on to your LAC account and go to the officials tab, there are instructions there on how to register. 
The information in the Officials tab on the LAC web site has been totally rewritten and there is lots of very useful information there, including such things as Strokes and Turns review videos, what to expect at a meet, descriptions of senior officials (Level II) jobs, how to sign-up for senior officials jobs, on-line clinics, Level II strategies, etc.  I encourage all officials to read this over. 
Upcoming Officials Events 
PARA Swimming Strokes and Turns Clinic: Saturday November 15 at Conestoga College in Kitchener.  This is an all day clinic, free of charge, and refreshments and lunch are typically provided. You can sign up for this using your OSOA account. 
Level II Clinics: I plan to host clinics for Chief Time Keeper, Chief Finish Judge, Clerk of Course and Starter and another set of Timekeeper and Strokes and Turns clinics prior to Nothers.  I am just waiting to hear about room availability at CGAC before booking. 
Nothers Fall Invitational: You can sign up for senior officials jobs at Nothers now using your account.  You must have taken the clinic to do any job except Timekeeper but as long as you are sure that you will take the clinic, in a class or online, prior to Nothers you can sign up now.  Denise McDonald the Meet Referee for Nothers, would like anyone who wants a chance to learn a new Level II position to let her know ASAP and she will arrange to pair you with an experienced Senior official at Nothers for training and perhaps a session or two on your own. Again, you just need to be willing to take the clinic prior to Nothers.  This is also a good opportunity to sit with an electronics operator to learn and maybe even take the controls with a mentor to assist.  Karey commented on how unexpectedly simple and enjoyable this job was at the Time Trial and we are always looking for people who are willing. 
If you have any questions, please contact me via the email address below. 
Mark Lukings L.A.C. Co-Club Officials Chair

Lord Elgin Staff PJ Drive:
Each year the Lord Elgin staff reach out to the community to help us give the gift of a new pair of pyjamas and a book for them to go home with at Christmas. I'm looking for your help, if you can donate a new pair of pyjamas (size 6-11) or a donation of your choosing it would be appreciated! We are hoping to help two classrooms through the donations of friends and families for a grade 1/2 class and a grade 4/5 class.  We are hoping to get 50 new sets of pj's for the kids (ages 6-11) for the holidays. For more details or to help with our pyjama drive please email me at

Thank you! 
Jen Romero 


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