Nov 25

Newsletter 2014-2015 Issue 10 November 25

Coaches Reports
GREAT JOB EVERYONE this past weekend at our Nothers Invitational.  Many personal bests, many events successfully completed for the first time, lots of top 8 finishes and first-time performers in finals at night, 24 swimmers collected 92 individual medals (33G-31S-28B) and 16 relay finishes were top 3, with 8 of them gold. For a complete list of Nothers medalists see the "What's New" section of the website. There were many things to commend, among the most outstanding were a)plenty of great team spirit b)some good pre warm-up activation c)everyone wearing their LAC uniform d)some significant improvement in the areas of streamlining and underwater work and e)some smart, tough, confident racing throughout the weekend. As we move into December and the end of the fall training cycle, we remind you (the swimmers) that the more you can simulate race-quality efforts in your training, especially race quality technique when your muscles are starting to burn, the more likely you are to hold your technique and your pacing when you get to the championship moment. Re-create the extra-ordinary moment every day in your practices, and the more ordinary it will feel in the competition.

CONGRATULATIONS to first time regional qualifiers: Hilary Bruce, Foster Gibney, Vanessa Tebbutt, Sarah Tyrrell, and Sophia Yuan; and to first time provincial qualifiers: Ashleigh Beacham, Lochlan Goodreau, Ava Russell, and Rachel Turner.

Lastly, CONGRATULATIONS to club record setter in the 13-14 girls age category Maggie MacNeil, who set club records in the 50-100-1500FR, the 50BK, and 100-200FL.

Finally, many thanks from the LAC coaches and swimmers to our meet management team, everyone who helped make the meet a success for us, especially in light of the challenges we faced moving the start blocks to the middle bulkhead in the shallow end at the 11th hour. Special thanks to Meet Manager Karen Campbell, Meet Referee Denise McDonald, and Mark Lukings for co-ordinating the shallow end re-configuration.

From Nothers Meet Manager
What a weekend of great swimming! We had 730 athletes attend Nothers this year and set over 25 meet records across the 3 days. The depth of experience and commitment within the club allows us to make events such as Nothers happen. It truly takes a village.   I want to thank the following groups; Dave Cliché and his setup/ teardown crew, Tim Clark and his folks for keeping us feed throughout the weekend, Shari Blaha and team for preparing the awards, Denise McDonald and Mary Allen for organizing all the deck officials, and Mark Luking, Greg Lewis and Rose Bloche-Hasen for support me every step of the way.

Karen Campbell – Nothers Meet Manager

Workout Changes

Fri Nov 28: Age Group Silver 5:00 – 6:00 pm at CGAC
Sat Dec 6: Age Group Blue, Bronze, Orange & Development No regular workouts due to Time Trial
Sat Dec 6: Age Group Bronze Pointe Claire Qualifiers 7:00 - 8:30 am CGAC.
Sat Dec 6: Senior Silver 6-8:30 am at CGAC
Sat Dec 6: No Senior Bronze workout

Dec 6 LAC Holiday Time Trial CGAC All Non Pointe Claire Entry Deadline  Dec 2
Dec 11-14 Invitational         Pointe Claire   Qualifiers       Entry Deadline Nov 11
Jan 17 - 18 12 & Under Celebration CGAC All LAC 12/unders Entry Deadline: Dec 16.

Holiday Training Updates
There will be no LAC training from Monday December 22 to Sunday December 28, HAPPY HOLIDAYS!
The Holiday training schedule will be posted on the LAC website later this week.

FAQ Session Credit document is available on the LAC site

New and returning LAC Members: Read all of the information about the LAC session credit volunteer commitments for hosting LAC swim meets. The document is posted on the LAC site under the “Swimmer A/Cs” tab.

Nothers is done and what an achievement to be proud of for first time Meet Manager Karen Campbell!  It was a job that was VERY well done!  Great job Karen!

Special thanks to Meet Referee Denise McDonald for helping to arrange the senior officials to cover our meet, helping to deal with some of the unusual challenges experienced leading up to this meet, and for ensuring consistency throughout the weekend.

Our volunteers did their usual excellent jobs from feeding officials, staffing the canteen and program sales, preparing awards and, of course, officiating on the deck.

I was pleased to see number of people actively working on progressing in officiating and getting sign-offs when asked to do so.  I missed a few of the briefings as I was wearing number of hats at this meet but we still had 30 officials receive deck sign-offs, including some people working as level II senior officials!  We also had a few people try out the Timing Console Operator job and I think all of them were surprised at how easy it was and how nice and cool and close to the food and washrooms it was in the new timing booth!

Some of you attended the Timer Clinic on October 25 at CHOCC that was instructed by Paul Cappa.  I am pleased to say that this was the final requirement for Paul to be awarded his Level III pin.  It was nice to see him proudly wearing it at Nothers!

I will be arranging another round of Level II clinics prior to the 12 and Under Celebration.  These will be starting with Chief Finish Judge.  I will announce the dates in the next newsletter.

If you have any questions, please contact me via the following email address. Mark Lukings L.A.C. Co-Club Officials Chair


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