May 12

Newsletter 2014-2015 Issue 32 May 12

Coaches Reports
CONGRATULATIONS everyone on some great racing last weekend at our Hollandia meet. We had 170 swimmers in the meet, and established over 950 personal bests out of just under 1200 swims, which is an incredible improvement rating of 79.4%...almost 4 out of every 5 swims were charting new, faster, territory!!! Of our 170 swimmers, 67 of you swam to pb’s in every single event, 100% pb’s, well done! On Sunday, the final day of the competition, where we like to live up to our credo of “FINISH STRONG”, in both the morning and afternoon sessions the coaches were handing out heat-winner tattoos almost constantly, and at the final session of the meet, Sunday night finals, we had 34 out of 39 swims that were an improvement from the morning performance. Most importantly, the technique on display has shown significant improvement, lots of very nice stroke-making, plenty of great streamlining and underwater dolphin-kicking, and some very strong, focussed, determined finishes. Now, time to get right back to work, for most of you that means “Keep on doing what you’re doing! It’s working!” For all of you, it means: “Take it to a higher level”, because even if you’re on the right track, you’ll get run over if you simply stand there. Before you know it the June championship meets will be upon us.

Club record setters: Maggie MacNeil (15/17 50BK and 50FL, open 50BK), William Stewart (13/14 50BR) and Jessica Allen (15/17 100BK...tied it!); First time top 10 performer: Sabrina Wang

Congratulations – First time qualifiers
Regional: Nikola Darvill-Kaiser, Emilie Duggal, Kendra Ford, Kira Mels-Williams, Rachel Nieuwenhuizen, Ewan Shearer and Alec Wales. Provincial: Mikel Szabo, Cleo Murphy, Alex Lobo and Madeline Cliche.

Hollandia Meet Management – Thank you!!
Meet Management would like to sincerely thank all volunteers in all areas for their commitment of time, energy and expertise this past weekend at the 24th annual Hollandia Invitational swim meet. From a meet management perspective, it was indeed a learning experience. It gives a new perspective on how we as a swim community need to work together and support each other in order to make an event of this magnitude a reality. We believe that this cooperation was evident throughout the weekend. Please know that your contribution, no matter how small, is appreciated.
Hollandia Meet Management: Steve Langham, Mary Beth Goodreau and Ed Mac Neil.

Workout Changes
Fri May 15 5:00 – 6:00 CGAC - Age Group Silver
Sat May 16 5:30-7:00 am Age Group Blue
Sat May 16 7:00-8:30 am Age Group Bronze
Sat May 16 No dryland for Age Group Gold/Silver.
Mon May 18 No workouts pools closed for Victoria Day
Sat May 23 6:00 – 8:30 am CGAC – Senior Silver
Sat May 23 7:00 – 8:30 am CGAC – Senior Bronze
Mon May 25 5:00 – 6:30 pm WSRC - Senior Bronze
Wed May 27 3:30 – 4:45 pm CGAC - Senior Bronze
Fri May 29 5:00 – 6:30 pm WSRC - Senior Bronze
Sat May 30 10:00 – 11:30 am THAMES Age Group Gold/Silver/Bronze/Blue
Fri Jun 5 4:00 – 5:00 pm CGAC Senior Bronze
Fri Jun 5 NO Senior Gold/Silver workouts
Sat Jun 6 NO Senior Gold/Silver/Bronze workouts
Sat Jun 27 10:00 – 11:30 am THAMES Age Group Gold/Silver/Bronze/Blue

Summer scheduling begins Sat May 30. There will be three schedules May 30 – Jun 27, Jun 29 – Jul 11 and National/Age Group Champs/Ohio. These schedules are now posted under the schedule tab on the LAC website.

Jun 5-7 WOSA 13/Over Region Champs Western University All qualifiers Entry Deadline: May 19
Jun 13-14 WOSA 12/Under Regional Champs Wilfrid Laurier All qualifiers Entry Deadline: May 26
Jun 27-28 Swim ON Summer Festival CGAC All qualifiers Entry Deadline: June 15

12 & Under WOSA Champs June 13-14 - Merchandise
Hello Coaches and Club Presidents,
The WOSA 12&Under Long Course Regionals are fast approaching!  I wanted to remind everyone that if a swimmer is interested in WOSA merchandise it needs to be ordered ahead of time and the deadline is midnight on May 29th, 2015.  Parents/swimmers that would like to order can do so online at under the WOSA Long Course Regional tab and can pickup the ordered merchandise at the swim meet. If you have any questions about the merchandise, please feel free to email meet management at:

LAC Swim Camp 2015
The LAC Coaches are happy to announce that the registration for Swim Camp 2015 is open! The camp will run from July 6th-9th. Swimmers born in 2003 or later are eligible. For more information please visit the event sign-up page. If you have any further questions please contact or

LAC Swim Equipment For your LAC swim equipment needs please contact

The 2015 Hollandia Spring Invitational is behind us and it was another meet to be proud of. Congratulations to the Meet Management team of Ed MacNeil, Steve Langham, and Marybeth Goodreau on a job very well done! Backing up all of our meet managers is Rose Bloch-Hansen. Thanks Rose! Great job by the officiating team in general. Looking sharp out there in your new white and black attire!

Special thanks to Glenn Greig on his final round as the Hollandia Meet Referee!  Glenn has relocated to Ottawa. His knowledge and guidance will be missed by LAC, and the whole region, as we are losing one of our RORs. I want to thank you Glenn, for your years of guidance and experience. Glenn was a big influence on my progression as an official and he will be missed by all who had the pleasure of working with him. Eastern Ontario will be lucky to have you!

This is a good time to introduce our new ROR. Congratulations to Carol McNiece of Alymer. Carol is a fireball! There should be exciting times ahead! She is the reason that a small club like Alymer has 18+ level 2 officials.

As usual we had quite a number of out of town senior officials that came in to help at our meet. We could not run these big meets without them. Thank you everyone!

Someone has to coordinate the minor officials and at LAC it is Mike Joudrey and Mary Allen. This was Mike’s meet but Mary was helping in the evening. Thank you M&M!

They aren’t really officials, but I want to thank the support staff who set up and tear down the equipment, run the canteen, sell the programs, prepare the awards, and feed the coaches and officials. They are often under-recognized, but so very important. Finally, I want to thank the CGAC staff. They are a delight to work with!  In my experience they cannot do enough to help. Thanks a lot folks!

We had a number of people who received sign-offs at Hollandia but two LAC officials received their final sign-offs for Level II. Congratulations to Trevor Pool and Michael Mohammed! Don’t forget to see Donna about your free LAC officiating shirt for reaching level II. So far this year we have 1 new female and 3 new male level II officials! Come on ladies you are just as good as the guys!

London hosts meets that are sought out by officials from across the region for level IV and V evaluations.  This year’s Hollandia was no exception. Congratulations to Gerry Pfaff (Blenheim) and Rusty Pittock (SWA) on achieving level IV and V respectively. Two aspiring Level IVs also received training evaluations. 

Now, let’s get on to regular business. The Swim Ontario Summer Festival is closer than you think! You can sign up now for senior official positions at the Swim Ontario Summer Festival using your OSOA accounts. If you are not yet qualified, but plan to be qualified before the meet, please let Greg Lewis, the Meet Referee, know this by saying so in the comments when you register on-line using your OSOA account.

The on-line clinics are still available for those who want to learn a new job and I am willing to teach a live clinic if you can scare up a few people to attend with you. As always, each clinic that you take for the first time is worth a session credit.

Baby Blocks! Everyone who attended the 2015 Hollandia Spring Invitational on the weekend should have noticed the newly shortened and painted shallow end starting blocks! This awesome workmanship was the responsibility of Paul and Elizabeth Lobo. Much of the work was done for free by GPL Machine and Tool, the Lobo’s company, and they arranged for the specialty welding and painting from some of their business partners. These blocks are far sturdier than the originals. They should last quite a while. This process was not without its challenges but throughout it all Paul’s positive attitude and “It’s all about the kids!” mantra was awe inspiring and Elizabeth’s cheerful status reports were a frequent pleasure in the last week. When you see them, make sure that you give the Lobo family a great big thank you! Not to be forgotten in all of this, Craig Forsey arranged for and applied the very professional looking lane numbers late on Thursday evening and the CGAC staff stayed late on Thursday getting the blocks installed for the meet. Thank you everyone. The results are outstanding!

Shallow End Scoreboard You may have also noticed that the shallow end scoreboard has not been working since prior to last year’s renovation. We have been struggling to find a cost effective way to access the board and, with Andrew Craven’s and Ben Perlman’s help, scaffolding was arranged and installed on very short notice while I coordinated getting the service technician in at the same time. This was a bit of a logistical challenge but at the end of the day . . . no very early on Friday morning, the job was done just in time for warm-up! A nod of appreciation to Guri from Daktronics who had to drive to Scarborough for a replacement part on Thursday evening and then return for 5:30 A.M. on Friday, with 2 hours sleep, to complete the repair!  

Virus Alert! Sometimes things happen at our meets and unless you are involved you would never know. Hollandia was no exception. Friday afternoon, the deep end timer console computer got an adware infection like nothing I have ever seen. The computer was unusable. We were able to switch it out with the shallow end computer as we were running single ended the rest of the day. I tried to fix the problem, but had no success, so I went down to see if Donna could get ahold of her husband Mike to help and there he was sitting at the LAC coaching table!  What a blessing! I am pretty sure I could see a heavenly glow about him! Long story short, Mike got one of his IT staff to come in and they had the machine up and running in a couple of hours. A very special thank you to Mike Moskal and his infection technician, whose name escapes me at the moment! They really saved the day, and the 4 chase sessions on Saturday and Sunday!

If you have any questions please contact me, Mark Lukings L.A.C. Co-Club Officials Chair

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