June 23

Newsletter 2014-2015 Issue 38 June 23

Coaches Reports
Good luck to our 18 swimmers competing at the Provincial 13&Under Festival this weekend. As we gear up for the provincial and national championship meets, and as we wind down into the end of another exciting and rewarding year, the coaches want to thank everyone, swimmers and parents alike, for consistently demonstrating such great discipline and commitment in the following areas:

1. Helping each other be right - not wrong.  2. Looking for ways to make new ideas work - not for reasons why they won't.  3. If in doubt, checking it out, and not making negative assumptions about each other.  4. Helping each other win and taking pride in each other's victories.  5. Speaking positively about each other and about your team at every opportunity.  6. Acting with initiative and courage as if it all depended on you.  7. Doing everything with enthusiasm - because it's contagious.  8. Whatever you wanted, giving it away.  9. Not losing faith, and never giving up.  10. SMILING and MAKING IT FUN! - *These are the 10 Commandments for a Successful Team.

On behalf of the entire coaching staff I would like to thank our four out-going board members: Sheri Blaha, Tim Clark, Steve Roman, and Ron Robinson. Your support and vision have been instrumental in helping the coaches continue to deliver the best competitive swimming experience in the greater London area.

THANK YOU to Sheri and Mark Blaha for hosting the Age Group Gold Pool & Pizza Party last Saturday, the prize for being the top-earning group from this year’s SWIMATHON campaign.

Workout Changes
Thursdays in June Senior Silver/Bronze swim 3:30-5 pm yoga 5-6 pm Thames
Fri June 26 Age group Gold/Silver/Bronze/Blue 5-6pm Thames
Fri June 26 Festival Qualifiers 5-6pm CGAC
Sat Jun 27 10:00 – 11:30 am THAMES Age Group Gold/Silver/Bronze/Blue
We are now on our May 30 – Jun 27 schedule; and on June 29th we start the June 29th schedule - Please check for schedule updates under the “schedule” tab on the LAC website.

Jun 27-28 Swim ON Summer Festival CGAC All qualifiers Entry Deadline: June 15
Jul 2-5 Swim ON LC Provincials Nepean All qualifiers Entry Deadline: June 11
Jul 10-12 Hauch Meet THAMES All LAC swimmers Entry Deadline: June 16

Laps for Lives 2015
Laps for Lives will take place on August 15th from 10am-4pm at Thames Park Pool. LAC swimmers in Age Group Silver and above are encouraged to swim on a team of 4 or more for a day of community, fun, and lots of swimming! Registration and pledge forms can be printed off the Laps for Lives website: Registration forms can be printed off, filled out and handed to Aitana, Emma or Katelyn or Tessa with the $25 registration fee by June 31st. Swimmers and families who do not participate are encouraged to come out on August 15th to support the swimmers and the cause. All money raised during this event will go towards the Adapted Fitness Centre, which introduces Thames Valley Children’s Centre (TVCC) youth to a healthy lifestyle of physical activity, exercise and well-being through fitness. If you have any questions, feel free to contact the team at

Can’t wait to see you there!
Aitana, Emma, Katelyn and Tessa

LAC Swim Camp 2015
The LAC Coaches are happy to announce that the registration for Swim Camp 2015 is open! The camp will run from July 6th-9th. Swimmers born in 2003 or later are eligible. For more information please visit the event sign-up page. If you have any further questions please contact or

LAC Swim Equipment
For your LAC swim equipment needs please contact

We need your help to run the Festival this weekend. We are VERY, VERY short on minor officials, and canteen and awards are short on people as well. Please sign up on the LAC website and let’s get ALL of those empty SLOTS filled. We need you whether you have all of your session credits or not! You all benefit from LAC hosting these championship meets that we must bid on. If EVERYONE offered to work at one (1) session we would probably have too many people but don’t let that deter you, sign up for more! 

If you still need session credits, do not wait for Hauch. What if everybody is doing the same? Parents of swimmers who are too old to swim at Festival or who are still working on qualifying, here is your opportunity! Get your swimmer out to help at this meet and get them to earn some of the family’s session credits. Timekeeper is the only job that does NOT require you to have the clinic prior to doing the job. Perfect for a swimmer with a Saturday or a Sunday free and nothing to do but text with their friends! We are still in need of a few senior officials and if you are qualified and willing, please sign up on the OSOA site or contact Greg Lewis directly at 

Thank you, Mark Lukings,
Meet Manager
2015 Swim Ontario Summer Festival

If anyone is interested in buying a Swim Ontario name tag (about $8.00) please let me know.  It looks real nice with your officiating PIN on it.  An order will be placed in the first week of July.  If you intend strive for level III, you will get one for free with that achievement!  I recommend this route for everyone.

If you have any questions please contact me, Mark Lukings L.A.C. Co-Club Officials Chair at

Dr. Paul Hauch Invitational Announcement - Prizes:
Hello Parents and Swimmers;
Our Hauch meet is fast approaching and in keeping with tradition we will be doing our famous bell heats. Instead of asking for a food donation for this meet, each family will be asked to donate $10 worth of prizes (broken up into smaller prize amounts if possible to spread the prizes out further.) Examples from previous years are $5 gift cards, Towels, Water bottles and a variety of fun toys for the kids to play with around the pool for the day.

When you have your prizes please bring them to your coach or Linda Szabo who is available during age group bronze workouts or can come by other times by arrangement. Please make sure to attach a swim family name when handing in your prizes so we make sure to credit your swimmer account and you don't get charged.

Thanks in advance to everyone and I look forward to seeing you all at the meet.
Fraser Gatt
Meet Manager
2015 Hauch Invitational

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