October 19



Workout Changes

Fri Oct 30 NO am workout for Senior Gold

Sat Oct 31 NO workouts for Senior Gold & Silver and Age Group Gold & Silver due to Harvest/Autumn meets

Sat Oct 31  Age Group Blue 6:00 – 7:00 am swim 7:15 – 7:45 am yoga CHOCC

Sat Oct 31  Age Group Bronze 6:30 – 7:00 am yoga 7:00 – 8:00 am swim CHOCC

Mon Nov 2 NO am workout for Senior Gold       


Coaches Report

Congratulations to everyone on your great and many accomplishments in 2014-15, as recognized at our annual banquet. Special belated congratulations (and apologies) to Yudi Yang, who was a first-time Eastern Canadian Championship qualifier in 2015. Way to go Yudi!

Our annual banquet always signals the next phase of our swimming year. The hectic start-up and registration process is now behind us, we have acknowledged the outstanding efforts of all of our swimmers and parents in the 2014-15 year, and now it is time to look ahead to the next big block of practices, before we head into our fall racing season. There are a couple of points to be made here:

1) a famous coach once said "Every meet is a stepping stone except for one - the Olympics." The time trial was merely an opportunity to "practice racing." Early in the season (Sept-Nov) is training season, December is racing season. For older swimmers especially, there will usually be 1 meet that will be the primary focus of an entire block of training, at the end of the block. Meets during "training season" are merely "race practice". Which brings us to the 2nd point:

2) not a single one of you should come away from the time trial either disappointed or over-excited about your times. The coaches were watching for good "race practice": good skills (starts, turns, finishes, clean swimming speed), good warm-up habits, good between-race habits, good spirit, and good (positive) attitudes. Remember, it can be a good swim without being a personal best. Which leads us to the 3rd point:

3) As mentioned at the banquet, the most important improvements you will realize through your swimming career are not measured in seconds, or certificates, or medals, or plaques, or trophies. The most important improvements you will realize are in CHARACTER. Which brings us to the final point:

4) if there are any among you feeling a bit disappointed about either your time trial results or what you left (or didn't leave) the Greek-Canadian Club clutching on Sunday night, you have 2 options: you can use your disappointment as a stopping point (bad option!), or you can use it as a stepping stone (good option!) Remember what our awesome guest speaker Caroline Ehrhardt said about the stone cutter? The stone cutter patiently and persistently hammers away at the rock, hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of times...and nothing happens. The rock just sits there, oblivious, still a rock, still in the way. The stone cutter keeps at it, patiently hammering away. Then, a seeming miracle happens: on the thousandth hit of the rock, it breaks apart! The important part of Caroline's message: it wasn't the thousandth hit that broke the rock - it wasn't a miracle - it was each and every single one of the hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of purposeful, patient, persistent hits before, that did it. So stick with it, especially through disappointment - you never know how close you might be to that next BIG breakthrough!

Congratulations to first-time Regional Championship qualifiers (from the time trial): Lou Chou, Ben Rosedale, and Stephanie Tyrrell; and to club record-setter Maggie MacNeil.


Banquet Guest Speaker Caroline Ehrhardt

Here's an email we received from Caroline the day after the banquet (let's put our support behind her as she trains toward Rio):

Thank you for the kind words. I'm so glad the parents were happy with the message. It was extremely rewarding and I am very grateful for the opportunity! Out of all the London sports clubs I was in touch with you were the only one who got back to me, but even just having the chance to share what I've learned with one club made all the emailing worth it! So again, thank you.

I'm hoping to branch out with my guest speaking. I was hoping to make a page on my website and add some testimonials from those who have heard my speech. You've already done so much for me but I would be very grateful if you or a few parents (or even some swimmers) who attended last night could just write a few lines about my presentation so I could add that to my site and hopefully get some more bookings so that I can continue to share my message and support myself in the process. If anyone who's interested in doing this could just email me those testimonials to that would be amazing.

Again, thanks for everything. I will definitely be following the club's progress this year. I also wanted to say I'm very impressed with the banquet yesterday. I can't imagine it's easy with such a large club but from what I could see it was pretty spectacular!

All the best,


LAC Awards Banquet 

Our fundraising raffle prize table was a huge success thanks to our generous donors.  We would like to thank Byron Pizza, YoYo's Frozen Yogurt, Milestones, Pioneer Pools, Buffalo Wild Wings, Panago, Chatters, 3M, East Side Marios, Goodlife Fitness, Melbourne Farm Equipment, Sheri Cappa Fine Artist, Byron Pet Valu, Palasad, Boston Pizza, Creative Nails in Byron, Churchill Sports and Promotions, Functional Training Centre, Active Chiropractors & Massage Therapy and Caroline Ehrhardt for their donations. THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT!!!

A big thank you to Jane Callon and her assistant Corrie Polito for organizing this raffle!


Banquet Photographs

For those of you wishing to see photos from the banquet, or other shots from his great gallery of images, including the time trial and past Hauch Meets, Kevin Ryan has created a London Aquatic Club account on Shutterfly, where you can access these pictures. Go to and start browsing. And many sincere thanks to Kevin for his efforts behind the camera lens.


Barbeque Fundraiser

Help still needed!

Saturday, October 24th from 10am - 2pm, London Aquatic Club will be hosting a Barbeque Fundraiser at the Oakridge Superstore (Oxford and Hyde Park)  We are looking for volunteers (parents and swimmers) to come out and help serve!  Please contact Jane Callon at if you are able to volunteer.  Please spread the word to friends and family to come out and support our club!



Meets! The LAC Fall Start-Up Meet was a great success with lots of fun, great swimming and learning for all. Congratulations to Marybeth Goodreau on a job well done as a first time solo Meet Manager. Our next home meet is the LAC Nothers Fall Invitational on November 20 to 22, which Karen Campbell, our Meet Manager, has been organizing for some time now. If anyone has discovered that officiating is more fun than sitting in the bleachers, you can volunteer at away meets as well. There are NO session credits for this but your help will be appreciated by the host team and we often benefit from out of town officials helping at our meets. It is nice if we return the favour. If you want to know how to get on the official list at an away meet, just ask. Sometimes you will be conscripted at the meet!

Clinics! I will be scheduling clinics for each of the officiating positions prior to Nothers. There will be more than 1 clinic scheduled for Intro to Swimming and for Strokes and Turns. Sign-ups will be posted as soon as they are scheduled. If you are desperate for a specific clinic and you cannot make the scheduled date and time, do not suffer in silence, please let me know.

Movin’ On Up! If anyone is planning on moving to level 2, 3, or 4 this year, please make me aware so that we can strategize and make sure that you have all of the requirements covered. Levels 3 to 5 all require teaching a clinic or two. That is no big deal if you have been doing the job that you will be teaching.

If you have any questions please contact me, Mark Lukings L.A.C. Co-Club Officials Chair at


Upcoming Meets






Sign up Deadline

Oct 30 - Nov1

 Harvest/Autumn Meet


 Age Gold/Silver & Senior

 Oct 8

Nov 7 & 8

 SWA Sprint Meet


 Age Blue/Bronze/Orange &    Development

 Oct 22

Nov 20 – 22

 Nothers Invitational


 All LAC swimmers

 Oct 29







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