November 23



Workout Changes

Sat Dec 19 NO LAC workouts due to LAC Holiday Time Trial

Holiday Break – There will be NO LAC swim workouts from December 20 – December 27.

A Holiday training schedule for Dec.28-31 will be posted shortly in the "Schedules" section of the website. The regular training schedule will resume on Sat.Jan.2, 2016.


Coaches Report

GREAT JOB EVERYONE this past weekend at our Nothers Invitational.  Lots of personal bests, with 64 swimmers establishing a pb in every single event they swam, and several swimmers appearing to have earned their Gold Improvement Medallion (300+ seconds improved over the entire year) based on their Nothers improvements alone; 42 swimmers collected 148 individual medals (53G-49S-46B) and 19 relay medals were won (6G-7S-6B); 34 other swimmers finished in the top 8 in at least 1 individual event; and finally, lots of good technique (swimming, starting & turning) as well as lots of tough, smart racing throughout the weekend.  Of the competition check-list that has been discussed in this space previously the coaches are quite happy with most areas.  Team spirit was good, with almost everyone in "uniform", i.e., team T-shirt and team bathing cap (if you wear one), and lots of cheering; arriving on time; good warm-up habits - doing the entire warm-up as directed by your coach and getting out of the warm-up pool relaxed and ready; pre and post-swim reporting - seeing your coach before and after every swim; eating and drinking properly to ensure a full gas tank and a topped-up oil level; and HAVING FUN - doing your best, learning something from each race, and then moving on to the next one, understanding that you can be a winner without placing first, and it can be a good race without being a best time.  Well done to everyone, thank you to our army of parent volunteers (and especially Meet Manager Karen Campbell) without whom our swimmers wouldn't get the opportunity to show the fruits of their hard work, and let's keep up the hard work as we move toward the December meets, Ontario Junior International, Provincials, Pointe Claire, and our Holiday Time Trial.


CONGRATULATIONS to the following first-time qualifiers: Regionals - Claire Bao, Emma Pastrano, Molly Rankin; Provincial Festival - Sarah Tyrrell, Junsoo Pak; Eastern Canadian Championships: Dominic Cappa; Senior Nationals (PARA Can-Ams): Ryan Estabrooks.

For a list of medalists from Nothers please see the "WHAT'S NEW" section of the website.

Nothers Invitational

This past weekend our LAC family pulled together to host the 25th Annual LAC Nothers  Fall Invitational Swim Meet.    I want to thank everyone for their hard work and enthusiasm.     Together we welcomed 15 clubs and 700 swimmers into our house for some great swimming and great fun.   We couldn't have done it without the senior officials that travelled in to support us and the volunteers from other clubs who joined our own volunteers on deck and in the office.   Behind the scenes our setup crew had us ready to go Friday morning and our canteen team members kept us well fed throughout the weekend.   

As the meet manager I feel very fortunate to have had the support of everyone involved.     Thank you.

Karen Campbell – LAC Nothers Fall Invitational Meet Manager


Pointe Claire Invitational

This is a team travel event - for qualified swimmers 11 & over, lists are posted under the meet information. We will be travelling by bus to Pointe Claire, departing CGAC early on Thu.Dec.10 and returning early am on Mon.Dec.14. We will be staying at the Quality Suites, 6300 Trans-Canada Highway, Pointe Claire, QC, H9R 1B9 (tel: 514-426-5060). Approximate total cost will be $450 deposit cheque is due by Dec 1. 



Congratulations LAC, on another great Nothers Fall Invitational!  We had lots of compliments from swimmers, officials, parents and coaches on our meet.  A special thank you and a pile of well deserved credit goes out to Karen Campbell who is an awe inspiring Meet Manager.  Excellent job again Karen!  We had a great turnout of LAC volunteers as officials, setup, tear down, awards, sales, and canteen crew.  You are all key contributors to our ongoing legacy of running top notch meets.  Great job everyone!

We also had a huge contingent of visiting officials, at both the minor and senior official levels.  We simply could not have run this meet without them.  Thank you to everyone who came to help at our meet!

We hosted an evaluation on Saturday. Congratulations to Tam Nguyen, on his well deserved elevation to a Level 5 Master official!

At the senior official level there was a lot of mentoring going on this weekend.  Congratulations to everyone who is trying to advance!

Now back to business.  The most difficult officiating position to fill at the senior official level is the Quantum Timing System operator.  We had quite a number of people, including one from LAC who had training sessions with mentors at Nothers.  Everyone, without fail, seems to agree that this is the best kept secret of officiating jobs.  Best spot to watch the meet.  Air conditioned at the shallow end. Something to do the whole time.  People to talk to.  No clinic required.  On the job training.  I was thinking that I could do a quick 1 hour introduction meeting for anyone who is interested.  I could set up the timer in a meeting room, project the console to the screen and run you through the basics of the job.  First I want to judge the interest level though.  If you are interested in attending such a meeting please let me know.  You can see what the job entails PRIOR to committing to trying it with a mentor at a live meet.         

If you have any questions please contact me, Mark Lukings L.A.C. Co-Club Officials Chair at


Dominos Fundraising Gift Cards

While fundraising is not mandatory with our club, we are hoping to have every family purchase at least 3 coupon cards.  You can then sell them to friends and family or keep them for yourselves!Each card is $10 and has 10 coupons per card.  After only two purchases, the card pays for itself! 

*Makes a great Stocking Stuffer*

The cards will be sold at The Holiday Meet on Saturday, December 19th.  CASH ONLY PLEASE.

If you have any questions, please contact

Thank you for your continued support!!!




Volunteer at the Ronald McDonald House! Can you imagine spending the Holidays at the hospital and away from home? For many of the Ronald McDonald House families, this is a reality. In order to help alleviate some of the burden and stress the holidays may bring upon the guests, volunteers come in to wrap gifts from the “storage room toy store” (all donated by extremely generous community members from London and surrounding area) One less worry during the Holidays so they can stay focused on the health of their child.   If you are interested in coming out to volunteer, we have a time slot scheduled for Sunday, December 20th for a two hour shift (choose either 11:00 -1:00 or 1:-3:00).  Please contact .  All volunteers must be signed up in advance as there is a limit to the number of helpers that we can have at one time.  Due the compromised immune systems of the residents at the RMH, you must be feeling well (even those with the sniffles will not be allowed to help)


Samko & Miko Toys & Books Fundraiser

If you have a receipt please place it in the LAC mailbox at CGAC before Dec 19th. 


Boston Pizza LAC Family Night - Cancelled due to numbers.


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