November 30



Workout Changes

Mon Dec 7 NO Senior Gold am workout

Thur Dec 10 NO Senior Gold/Silver, Age Group Gold am workout

Fri Dec 11  NO Senior Gold am workout

Fri Dec 11 Senior Gold/Silver will swim from 4:00 – 5:00 pm CGAC

Sat Dec 12 Senior Gold/Silver, Age Group Gold/Silver 6:00 – 7:30 am only CGAC

Mon Dec 14 NO Senior Gold am or pm workout

Thu Dec 17 Senior Gold pm workout 3-5pm at CGAC

Sat Dec 19 NO LAC workouts due to LAC Holiday Time Trial

Holiday Break – There will be NO LAC swim workouts from December 20 – December 27.

A Holiday training schedule for Dec.28-31 is posted under the "Schedules" section of the website. The regular training schedule will resume on Sat.Jan.2, 2016.


Coaches Report

We are now in the final preparation stages for our December meets, Ontario Junior International, Provincials, Pointe Claire, and our Holiday Time Trial.  Remember in this competition prep phase it is very important to go fast when you are asked to go fast in training...using a race car metaphor, you've got to get out on the track and do some laps at maximum speed to make sure everything is working as it should.  You need to simulate race efforts in this final stage so that the actual races inside the meet are not a shock to the system, and your body knows how to hold good technique when it is fatigued at race speeds.  The big blocks of work that you have hopefully banked this fall have increased the size of your gas tank, at this stage it's about fine-tuning the engine. To continue with the race car analogy, we must also ensure at this stage that all the right fuels are going into the high performance machine that is your body, and you are getting adequate amounts of rest (we don't imagine you're going to see any Formula One race cars driving downtown in the days and nights before the big race...only on the practice track.) It's not the meal you have the night before the big race that gets you through, it's how you've been fueling in the previous weeks that will determine your level of success.


Pointe Claire Invitational

This is a team travel event. Swimmers that indicated on the LAC website that they will be attending the meet will be receiving an email with travel information later this week. The approximate total cost the meet will be $450, please deposit your cheque in the LAC mailbox at CGAC. 



Quantum Timing System Operators Needed – This job is perhaps the best kept secret of all officiating jobs.  It is dry, you have a great view, it is air conditioned at the shallow end, you see the results before anyone else, it is interesting, and it is worth 1.5 session credits.  Without fail, everyone who has had a mentoring session on this job has been surprised to find how much they liked it.  We will not leave you alone on this job until you have a reasonable level of comfort and there is always help in the event that a situation arises that you have not encountered.  Last week I offered to host a 1 hour meeting for anyone who is interested in learning more.  No risk, other than your time.  If you are interested in learning more about this job please email me to let me know.

The LAC Holiday Meet is coming up on December 19.  If you are interested in trying a senior official position and you have taken the clinic, please contact Saad Aldin at Let Saad know your level of experience so that he will know whether to pair you with a mentor or not.

I will be hosting 1 Timer Clinic and 1 Strokes and Turns clinic in January prior to the 12 and Under Celebration.  I will post the dates and times as soon as they are scheduled.  If there are other clinics that you want to take, please let me know and I will see what I can do.

If you have any questions please contact me, Mark Lukings L.A.C. Co-Club Officials Chair at


Dominos Fundraising Gift Cards

While fundraising is not mandatory with our club, we are hoping to have every family purchase at least 3 coupon cards.  You can then sell them to friends and family or keep them for yourselves!Each card is $10 and has 10 coupons per card.  After only two purchases, the card pays for itself! 

*Makes a great Stocking Stuffer*

The cards will be sold at The Holiday Meet on Saturday, December 19th.  CASH ONLY PLEASE.

If you have any questions, please contact

Thank you for your continued support!!!



Volunteer at the Ronald McDonald House! Can you imagine spending the Holidays at the hospital and away from home? For many of the Ronald McDonald House families, this is a reality. In order to help alleviate some of the burden and stress the holidays may bring upon the guests, volunteers come in to wrap gifts from the “storage room toy store”(all donated by extremely generous community members from London and surrounding area) One less worry during the Holidays so they can stay focused on the health of their child.   If you are interested in coming out to volunteer, we have a time slot scheduled for Sunday, December 20th for a two hour shift (choose either 11:00 -1:00 or 1:-3:00).  Please contact .  All volunteers must be signed up in advance as there is a limit to the number of helpers that we can have at one time.  Due the compromised immune systems of the residents at the RMH, you must be feeling well (even those with the sniffles will not be allowed to help)


Samko & Miko Toys & Books Fundraiser

If you have a receipt please place it in the LAC mailbox at CGAC before Dec 19th. 



Upcoming Meets





Sign up Deadline

 Dec 10 - 13

 2015 Provincial SC Championships



 Nov 24

 Dec 10-13

 Pointe Claire Invitational

 Pointe Claire, Que

 Qualifiers 11 & over

 Nov 18

 Dec 19

 LAC Holiday Meet


 ALL LAC swimmers

 Dec 10

 Jan 16-17

LAC 12/under Celebration


 ALL LAC swimmers 12/U

 Dec 17












LAC Equipment
For your LAC swim equipment needs please contact


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