April 18



Workout Changes

Sat May 21 No workouts Senior Gold/Silver and Age Group Gold/Silver

Sat May 21 Age Group Orange 6:30 – 7:30 am at CGAC

Sat May 21 Development 1 6:30 – 7:30 am at CGAC

Sat May 21 Development 2 7:30 – 8:30 am at CGAC

Mon May 23 No workouts ALL LAC groups


Coaches Report

Want to become a great swimmer? Here's Step 1: DETERMINE, THEN ACCEPT, THE COST.

In the immortal words of Snoop Dogg (or B.B. King if your musical tastes are a little more, ahem, aged), “You gotta pay the cost to be the boss”. What will you have to pay to achieve greatness?  Podium-topping success comes with a disproportionate amount of sacrifice. The idea that we can have our cake and eat it too is sold to us via advertising (Swim faster with no effort!”), but if you want to achieve something awesome in the pool you’ll have to earn it. (You mean I actually have to work hard for this?)  Daydreaming about success is fun, and therein lies a common problem - those fantasies can feel so real, so tantalizingly close that, when confronted with the harsh reality that an obscene amount of work and time is required to make them come to pass, we recoil in disgust. (“Eww, two-a-days? No, thanks.”)

Are you willing to do what is necessary? It’s okay to say no - there are an endless number of reasons to say so. But if you plan on being on the blocks the next time the Olympic Trials come around, or want to swim for a university team, or want to be the best dolphin kicker on the team, or plan on breaking a minute for the 100 freestyle for the first time...then you need to determine what it is going to cost. There is no shortcut, and no getting around this fact. If you ask any elite athlete if they were able to float their way to excellence, they will laugh.

What is the cost for you to be great?  (from Olivier Leroy Poirier at Your SwimBook)


WOSA LC Championships Windsor

We are going to offer team travel for the WOSA championships in Windsor the weekend of June 3 -5. The cost would be approximately $250 for the weekend including; meals, accommodations and transportation. Please indicate “team travel” in the comment box when you sign your swimmer up. Deadline for team travel is April 29. Sign up is now available. Hotel information is available under the "event" on the LAC website.



We are just over the $9,300 mark and we have until April 30 to collect pledges.

LAC top achievers to date: Alex Lobo $730, Sam Elkami $680, Lauren Campbell $640, Ryan Ellig $405 and Melissa Ellig $405.

Prizes will be awarded after April 30.

There is still time to get involved, please go to our club link at   and register your swimmer. Spread the word to family, friends, business colleagues, social contacts and those that support the sport of swimming in our community, province and Canada. Parent/Legal Guardian or Parent’s company are not eligible for a charitable tax receipt. If you have any questions about Swim-a-Thon please contact Donna at


LAC 2016 Summer Swim Camp

Information and sign-up for Swim Camp is now available on the LAC website under the “events” section. Swim Camp will run from Monday July 4th-Thursday July 7th and is available to any LAC swimmers born in 2004 or later. Sign up will be available until June 1st or until camp is filled. 

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact Liz Moskal or Meggin Moffatt. 


It’s Official! 

Alex Vanderkam is our Competition Coordinator for Hollandia in May.  If you are interested in working in specific senior positions at this meet, and will have the clinic by the meet, please contact Alex soon.  People from other clubs are already approaching him to work at this very popular meet.

If anyone is interested in learning how to operate the timing system, this is learned by on the job training with a mentor.  Without fail, everyone who has tried this job, likes it, is still doing it, and is probably keeping it a secret to avoid competition for the job!  If you would like to try this, with a mentor, at Hollandia, do let Alex know.

Officiating Clinics!

Six officiating clinics have now been scheduled and sign-ups are posted on the LAC Home Page.  More information is available in the April 11 Newsletter.

If would like to know more about the different positions, log on to the LAC website, hover your cursor over the Officials tab (near the upper right), and select Levels/Positions from the drop down, for a description of each job.

Volunteer Opportunity   

Guelph Marlins is hosting a Special Olympics Swim Meet and they are looking for people to help.  The meet dates and times are as follows: Thursday, May 26th, 2:00-4:00 PM; Friday, May 28th, 7:30 AM-12:00 NOON and 1:00-5:30 PM; Saturday, May 29th, 7:30 AM-12 NOON and 12:30-4:00 PM.  If they cannot staff the meet it will be cancelled.  If anyone is willing, please contact Mary Gerrard at: by April 23rd.

If you have any questions please contact me, Mark Lukings L.A.C. Co-Club Officials Chair at



There is a FAQ page on the LAC website under the “parent info” tab under “session credits”. Please make sure you know your obligation for this swim season. LAC session credit summaries can be found on the club website. Your individual summary is available on your personal account. For any further questions or concerns regarding session credits please contact Donna at


Upcoming Meets





Sign up Deadline

 May 13 - 15

 Hollandia Invitational


 All LAC swimmers

 Apr 19

 June 3-5

 WOSA LC Champs



 May 17

 June 11-12

 WOSA Sting Meet


 All non-regional qualifiers

 May 24

 June 18 - 19

 Ontario Summer Festival



 May 31



LAC Equipment

For your LAC swim equipment needs please contact

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