June 27


Workout Changes

​Wed Jun 29 No Age Group Blue practice at MBG – Thurs Jun 30 Age Group Blue 5:30 – 6:30 pm CGAC.

NO workouts Friday July 1, Happy Canada Day!

The final schedule starts Sat July 2 – Thurs July 7. Those swimmers continuing to train and compete after Hauch will receive their updated summer schedule from Coach Craven.


Coaches Report

 Two Sure Ways to Increase Your Confidence (from Olivier Poirier Leroy at

If you want to improve your self-confidence, and thus your swimming, one of the fastest and most effective ways to do this is by mastering the voice in your head. The way we talk to ourselves has very real consequences. Remember, our actions always start out as “harmless” little thoughts. If you are really struggling with staying positive in training, and you are blasting yourself every chance you get (“I missed the hard interval in the main set,  I must be a lousy swimmer”) your actions and behaviors will follow suite.  When swimmers master their self-talk, they master their actions–and resulting levels of confidence.

Master your body language too!  The next time you are at practice look around at your teammates to see who has bad body language and who doesn't. The surest symptom of low confidence is that familiar and universal set of rolled over shoulders, scowl, crossed arms, and rolling eyes.  Similar to self-talk, bad body language not only drives coaches crazy, but it has a very real effect on your performance. So stand up straight, put your chin up and your shoulders back, and face the world like the little chlorinated boss that you are!

Good luck to our 27 swimmers competing at the Provincial Championships this weekend in Etobicoke.


Dr Paul Hauch Meet

Our Hauch meet is fast approaching and in keeping with tradition we will be doing our famous bell heats. Instead of asking for a food donation for this meet, each family will be asked to donate $10 worth of prizes (broken up into smaller prize amounts if possible to spread the prizes out further.) Examples from previous years are $5 gift cards, Towels, Water bottles and a variety of fun toys for the kids to play with around the pool for the day.
When you have your prizes please bring them to your coach or Jane Callon. Please make sure to attach a swim family name when handing in your prizes.


2016-17 Registration

Group placement letters will be send out by the end of July and registration will open in August for the 2016-17 season. Please let Donna know if you have any registration questions at . Have a great summer!


It’s Official! 

It is just 10 days until our final LAC-hosted meet of the season, the Dr. Paul Hauch Invitational (July 8-10).  I still need senior officials so if you are interested and qualified, please let me know now.

Steve Baarda and I hosted the last clinic of the year with 8 enthusiastic Timing students.  Great job Steve.  I’m looking forward to seeing all of you freshly trained timers at Hauch!

If they are not already posted when this is published, look for the sign-ups for Hauch minor officials VERY soon.  Remember, Timing can be done without the clinic but Strokes and Turns requires the training before doing the job.

We are still looking for Meet Managers for next season and we need to have those arranged before the end of THIS season.  If you are interested, even if you have not taken the clinic, please let me know and I will pass that information along.  If we get enough interest, we will have Meet Management teams, where it makes sense.  There is a lot of help available for all Meet Managers so do not be afraid.  If you like organizing things and are willing to learn, you can be a Meet Manager.

If you have any questions please contact me, Mark Lukings L.A.C. Co-Club Officials Chair at



There is a FAQ page on the LAC website under the “parent info” tab under “session credits”. Please make sure you know your obligation for this swim season. LAC session credit summaries can be found on the club website. Your individual summary is available on your personal account. For any further questions or concerns regarding session credits please contact Donna at


Upcoming Meets





Sign up Deadline

 Jul 8 - 10

 Dr Paul Hauch Meet

 Thames Park Pool

 ALL LAC swimmers

 Jun 21


LAC Equipment

For your LAC swim equipment needs please contact

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