March 20




Effective immediately Senior Gold/Senior Silver Tue & Thu pm practices start in the water at 3pm (no dryland).

Fri Mar 31  Senior Bronze 5:00 – 6:00 pm at WSRC

Fri April 14 SWIM-A-THON will be the only workouts that day, all swimmers are expected to attend



​CONGRATULATIONS to the 19 LAC'ers who participated in the March Break training camp in sunny south Florida. All reports indicate that the camp was a great success, the swimmers worked hard and all have come home very motivated to pursue their spring&summer goals in the pool. THANK YOU to Chaperone Elizabeth Lobo for all of her work in making the camp a success.

The following is an excerpt from another of Olivier Poirier Leroy's contributions to the SWIMSWAM website, entitled "What to Tell Yourself After a Bad Workout":

They are inevitable. They are not enjoyable, and we all have them. You know, those workouts. Where your equipment falls apart. Your goggle straps snap. Your lane mates have seemingly forgotten all forms of lane etiquette. School and friends and your coach and stress and a million other things are pulling you in a million different directions. No matter how hard you try to focus, how much you try to forget the outside distractions, your practice disintegrates into a series of missed intervals, frustratingly sloppy technique, and failed sets. It makes you feel like you have regressed. Like your goals have leaped further out into the horizon. Like your swimming abilities have completely and utterly collapsed.

Here are 5 things to tell yourself after you have that inevitable bad workout so that you can bounce back quickly:

1. I am in charge of my swimming.

Who is the boss of you and your swimming? You are! Sometimes you'll want to look externally for reasons why your practice wasn’t as good as it could have been. Blaming outside influences robs you of the opportunity to take full responsibility for your swimming.

2. I can choose to make tomorrow’s workout better.

Elite swimmers have a short memory when it comes to awful performances. Whether it comes to a poor practice or a poor race, successful swimmers refuse to dwell on it. They let those swims fade into the rear view so that they can bounce back hard and fast the next day.

3. I can choose to be positive.

Some days it's easy to be positive, when things are going your way and your swimming is effortless and awesome, and then other days being optimistic feels like a nearly insurmountable task. Believing that optimism and positivity is a choice is a conscious one. It’s a choice. The next time you have that ugly workout walk out determined to make the best of the situation.

4. Bad workouts are part of the process.

We love to believe that things should always go perfectly. That as long as we prepare, have our goals planned out, and motivation roaring and in tact, that every practice will go exactly as we want. Unfortunately this isn’t always the case. There will be days when things don’t click, your stroke is off, and your muscles have simply had enough. Understanding that this is part of the process, that the occasional bad practice is normal, can lessen the self-inflicted negativity that typically arises when you swim below expectations.

5. Why did it go down the way it did?

Lastly, use that bad workout as an opportunity to identify the issue and fix it moving forward. Take a few moments to review your bad practice, don't dwell on it or beat yourself up about it mentally, but figure out why it went down the way it did. (You should be doing the same with your excellent practices as well – extrapolating why you were successful is important in order to apply those same winning behaviours to future workouts.) When you get back behind the curtain, and can see why the practice went the way it did, that knowledge can be invaluable in helping you avoid those same mistakes in the future.




Date of the swim-a-thon: Friday April 14th @ CGAC

6:00-8:00am - Age Group Gold/Silver/Orange
8:00-10:00am - Senior Gold/Silver/Bronze
10:00-noon - Age Group Blue/Bronze/Development

Congratulations to Alex Lobo for being the first swimmer to raise $500! Alex has earned a prize!  Also, there will be a prize for the group that has the highest percentage of swimmers registered and raising money (a Saturday morning breakfast at the pool!).

All of our fundraising efforts for swim-a-thon are done using Swim Canada's online fundraising program.  To register your swimmer (or swim family if you have multiple swimmers and would prefer one family page) please follow this link to get started and begin collecting donations.  Our club goal this year is $10,000 and there will be fantastic prizes available to win! Every swimmer who raises over $100 will be entered into a prize draw. The top 3 fundraisers will receive LAC spirit wear, and the top 12 fundraisers will be invited to a bowling party with the coaches!

Remember the funds raised from swim-a-thon will go towards improving equipment for meets, increased coaching education, and updating our club record board. 

If you have any questions about Swim-a-thon please contact Meggin at

Those who donate $10 or more to a swimmer will be eligible for a charitable tax receipt.  Swimming Canada has rules around eligibility for receipts.  Under no circumstance is a Parent/Legal Guardian or Parent's company eligible for a tax receipt.



The next spiritwear order will be placed March 27. If you would like to place an order please fill out the spirit wear form on the LAC website under the “Swimmer A/C” tab, under “LAC Swim Equipment”.



Information on how to access your credits is available on the LAC website under the “Parent Info” tab. If you have any questions please email Donna



LAC Pentathlon - April 9, 2017 – It is not too soon to contact Bonnie Marceau, the Competition Coordinator, at  about getting senior officiating jobs at this great one day meet.  For those of you who have taken a clinic but have not tried the job, this is a great meet to get paired with a mentor for some on the job training.  Just email Bonnie (copying me please and tell her the position(s) that you would like to try, the session(s) that you can attend, and if you would like a mentor.  First come first served. 

LAC Hollandia Spring Invitational May 12 to 14, 2017 – I know that we are already getting requests from other clubs to work senior positions.  If you are interested in senior roles at Hollandia, please contact the Competition Coordinator, Greg Lewis at to get your spot reserved.  Again, provide Greg with the position(s) that you would like to try, the session(s) that you can attend, and if you would like a mentor.

Official Name Tags – I have had a number of people ask me how to get the name tags that senior officials wear that hold their officiating pin.  If you are interested, please email me with 'Name Tag' in the subject and the EXACT spelling of your name, as you want it to appear on the tag.  I believe the cost is less than $10.00 but, if it is more, then I will let you know prior to placing the order.

If you have any officiating questions please contact me, Mark Lukings L.A.C. Co-Club Officials Chair at







 Sign  up  Deadline

 Apr 9

 LAC Pentathlon


 ALL LAC swimmers

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 MAC Invitational

 Markham PanAm


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 Brock Invitational

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Instructions for ordering swim equipment can be found on the LAC website under “Swimmers A/C” under the “LAC swim equipment” tab. Also found on the website is the TAS shark card, you will need this card when purchasing Team Aquatic Supplies merchandise at swim meets or in their stores.

If you have any equipment questions please contact



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