May 22




Thurs June 1 Senior Gold/Silver 3:00 – 4:00 pm CGAC

Thurs June 1 Senior Bronze 4:00 – 5:00 pm CGAC

Thurs June 1 Age Group Gold/Silver 5:00 – 6:00 pm CGAC

​Fri June 2 NO Senior Gold 6:00-7:30am

​Fri June 2 Senior Gold/Silver 4:00-5:00pm CGAC

Sat June 3 Senior Gold/Silver 7:00 – 9:00 am THAMES

Summer Schedules have now been posted on the LAC website under the “schedule” tab. Please note there are two schedules June 3 – 30 and July 1 – 14.



Another message from Olivier Poirier-Leroy at

A successful block of training fills us with a strong sense of pride and satisfaction. We made all of our morning workouts, held our target stroke counts - even at the tail-end of those challenging main sets - and lived the lifestyle outside of the pool that reflects the hard work we’ve been investing in the pool. Outside of swimming faster - which is the main return we seek - a few other signs that your dedication in the pool is starting to pay off are:

1. You don’t feel the sky-high buzz of motivation anymore, but rather a calm confidence earned through the work you have invested.  Sure, you feel motivated - watching the hard work pay off tends to do that - but instead of that white-hot fire in your belly you had when you started, now you simply feel a steady burn of determination and confidence. By the time your next meet comes around, you’re not as flooded with anxiety and nerves as in the past. You know you have done the work, done the required mileage and quality meters in order to perform faster than ever. That calm, cool confidence isn’t something that some swimmers simply have - it is a product of hard work.

2. You’ve gotten to the point you don’t need to explain your goals and plans.  You don’t feel the need to talk about your goals as much anymore because, well, now you’re living them. Instead of waxing on and on about all the sweet stuff you want to accomplish in the water, you are doing the day-to-day grind, allowing the work to speak for itself.

3. You’re doing things in practice that once seemed impossible.  It’s pretty easy to think back to the beginning of the season when you were struggling to hold the assigned intervals for a particular set. Or the result from the timed 800 kick. Comparing what you are doing now compared to then fills you with a sense of pride, and also helps you feel confident with what lies ahead, in particular how you can expect to perform at your next championship meet. After all, the expectations we have for competition are based on how we perform in practice.

“A river cuts through rock not because of its power, but because of its persistence.”



Have fun shopping online while earning money towards our club!  We can compete with other swim clubs and sports teams in our area to see who can raise the most money for our team!  You can follow along on the website to see how much is raised to date and how many people have purchased through our club.  Feel free to invite friends and family to join in the fun! 

It's easy to set up by following the simple instructions.

Shop brands such as Indigo, Starbucks, Sephora, Walmart, Old Navy, Lowes, The Bay,, Groupon and even Gift Cards (East Side Marios, Swiss Chalet, etc) 

When you order a $50 Gift Card, for example, $5 goes to LAC.  You can print it off immediately.

An additional $5 will be donated to LAC for each new member that places an order.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact



The LAC Board of Directors extends an invitation to all LAC parents to attend the upcoming Annual General Meeting of the Club. The AGM will be held on Wednesday, June 21, 2017 beginning at 7.00 pm at the Canada Games Aquatic Centre in the upper level meeting room. Attendance is not mandatory; however, we encourage at least one member of each swim family to attend this very informative evening and earn one session credit for doing so. New swim families will receive one session credit that may be applied next season.

Further information including a copy of the Minutes from the 2016 AGM and a proxy for 2017 is posted on the website under the Events tab. Please register on the Events sign up page.

If you have any questions please contact me at   

Paul Cappa, Past President



Information on how to access your credits is available on the LAC website under the “Parent Info” tab. If you have any questions please email Donna



Dr. Paul Hauch Invitational (July 14 to 16): We are down to the last meet of the season!  For those who are new, this is our fun outdoor season-closing celebration.  Once again, we will need lots of help.  I am the Meet Referee (also known as the Competition Coordinator) who is in charge of officiating at the meet.  Minor officials (Timers and Strokes and Turns) sign-ups will be posted later by Mike Joudrey, but I need to start with the senior officials now.  If you have taken the clinic and can help as a senior official please let me know ASAP, via email, listing the positions that you want and the sessions that you can work.  The meet should be sanctioned shortly and the specific times will then be available but there are 2 sessions on Friday with warm-ups starting around noon and 3:30PM and 2 sessions on both Saturday and Sunday starting at 8:00 AM and 1:00 PM.

Meet Managers for the 2017-18 Seaon:  It is already that time of year where we begin the hunt for meet managers for next season.  This is a job that provides a great feeling of accomplishment, much of it will be done on your own schedule prior to the meet, and you have lots of people to lean on and learn from.  If you are new we will give you the clinic and help you through the process.  If you are interested in learning more, please contact me at the email address below.

If you have any officiating questions please contact me, Mark Lukings L.A.C. Co-Club Officials Chair at







 Sign  up  Deadline

 Jun 2-4

 WOSA   Champs



 May 16

 Jun 24-25

 SwimON Festival




 Jun 29 -    Jul 2

 Ontario Provincials




 Jul 14-16

 Paul Hauch Invit.

 Thames Park Pool





Instructions for ordering swim equipment can be found on the LAC website under “Swimmers A/C” under the “LAC swim equipment” tab. Also found on the website is the TAS shark card, you will need this card when purchasing Team Aquatic Supplies merchandise at swim meets or in their stores.

If you have any equipment questions please contact



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