June 19




W​E ARE NOW RUNNING ON OUR JUNE 3-30 SUMMER SCHEDULE! Summer Schedules have now been posted on the LAC website under the “Schedules” tab. Please note there are two schedules June 3 – 30 and July 1 – 14.

Wed June 28 No Age Group Blue Workout

Thurs June 29 No Senior Gold/Silver 5:30-7:30am workout

Thurs June 29 Age Group Blue Workout 5:30 - 6:30 pm CGAC

Fri June 30 No Senior Gold 6:00-7:30am workout

Fri June 30 Senior Gold/Silver/Bronze 3:00 - 4:00 pm CGAC

Sat Jul 1 NO WORKOUTS - Happy Canada Day!



From Olivier Leroy Poirier at YourSwimBook: HOW TO HELP YOURSELF BEHIND THE BLOCKS

When we are standing behind the blocks it can be easy to succumb to the flurry of activity going on in our noggin. From the bright lights, to your family, friends and teammates in the stands, and the self-inflicted pressure that you have been rather mercilessly pounding yourself with over the course of the days and hours leading up to the big race, it can be easy to slip in a state of panic and over-thinking.

You think about that one practice a few days ago that wasn't so great, then about the one the next day that went pretty well. Your turns felt slow and clunky when you warmed up earlier. But your start felt fluid, precision-like. Your thoughts are so all over the place that you begin to feel the panic rise up in your throat.  You begin over-thinking anything and everything, and before you know it, you have primed yourself for a poor performance. The only thing worse than a poor performance in the pool is a poor performance that comes about as a result of over-thinking. It is a hard pill to swallow because it is something that should have been preventable. The end result wasn’t an accurate representation of the training and hard work that we invested.

The good news is that short of going into a full-blown meditative trance behind the blocks (which might actually be a good way to freak out your competitors) there are things you can do to calm your nerves while you stand behind the block. One of them is to simply focus on a desired feeling or state.​  In 2008 researchers in Australia found that athletes (well, golfers) were much less likely to choke when they focused on a single word or phrase that summarized what they wanted to accomplish. (The examples used for the golfers were “strong” and “fluid” which translate well to swimmers.)  For swimmers, we can have expressions for each part of our race. Starting behind the blocks, where your mind is racing and you need to chill out, to each stage of your race, here are some sample cues or expressions you can use:

  • Behind the blocks: Loosey-goosey!
  • For the start: Explode!
  • The first lap or two of the race: Smooth and relaxed!
  • The second to last lap: Power through!
  • Final lap: All-out!

Don’t feel like you only need to use this during competition. Unleash your own little mantras during tough sets to get used to using them so that it is second-nature when it comes to racey-race time. Next time you are standing behind the blocks and you feel yourself over-thinking things, or as though your thoughts are getting away from you, dial in on your little action statements.

​GOOD LUCK to our 19 swimmers racing at the Provincial Festival this weekend in Markham - "loosey-goosey, explode, smooth & relaxed, power through, all-out!" GO LAC GO!



The entire LAC family would like to congratulate and extend sincere best wishes to our 10 graduating swimmers, who will be moving on to the next exciting chapter of their academic and athletic careers: Jessica Allen, Dominic Cappa, Sami Ferwati, Robert King, Menley Langham, Jenna Roman, Brigitte Ryan, Emilie Tremblay, Ellie Wong, Yudi Yang - you have all demonstrated great attitudes, great work ethics, and been great teammates. Those character traits will certainly hold you in good stead as you take the next step. You will be greatly missed but remember that you will always be part of the LAC family.


The LAC Board of Directors extends an invitation to all LAC parents to attend the upcoming Annual General Meeting of the Club. The AGM will be held on Wednesday, June 21, 2017 beginning at 7.00 pm at the Canada Games Aquatic Centre in the upper level meeting room. Attendance is not mandatory; however, we encourage at least one member of each swim family to attend this very informative evening and earn one session credit for doing so. New swim families will receive one session credit that may be applied next season.

Further information including a copy of the Minutes from the 2016 AGM and a proxy for 2017 is posted on the website under the Events tab. Please register on the Events sign up page.

If you have any questions please contact me at   

Paul Cappa, Past President



The last day of swimming for the 2016-17 season is at the Paul Hauch Swim Meet July16, except for those swimmer’s qualified for the Canadian Jr/Sr Championships. Group placements and registration information for the 2017-18 season will be emailed by the beginning of August at which time on line registration will open. The 2017-18 season will begin Monday September 18 (there will be some pre-season workouts for Senior Gold/Silver the week of September 11). New swimmer assessments will be September 12 and 14 at CHOCC. 



Our Hauch meet is fast approaching and in keeping with tradition we will be doing our famous bell heats. Instead of asking for a food donation for this meet, each family will be asked to donate $10 worth of prizes (broken up into smaller prize amounts if possible to spread the prizes out further.) Examples from previous years are $5 gift cards, Towels, Water bottles and a variety of fun toys for the kids to play with around the pool for the day.
When you have your prizes please bring them to your coach or Jane Callon. Please make sure to attach a swim family name when handing in your prizes.



Have fun shopping online while earning money towards our club!  We can compete with other swim clubs and sports teams in our area to see who can raise the most money for our team!  You can follow along on the website to see how much is raised to date and how many people have purchased through our club.  Feel free to invite friends and family to join in the fun! It's easy to set up by following the simple instructions.

Shop brands such as Indigo, Starbucks, Sephora, Walmart, Old Navy, Lowes, The Bay,, Groupon and even Gift Cards (East Side Marios, Swiss Chalet, etc).   When you order a $50 Gift Card, for example, $5 goes to LAC.  You can print it off immediately. An additional $5 will be donated to LAC for each new member that places an order.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact



Information on how to access your credits is available on the LAC website under the “Parent Info” tab. If you have any questions please email Donna




Dr. Paul Hauch Invitational (July 14 to 16): I have a number of people, from both LAC and visiting, who have volunteered for senior officiating at Hauch but I have not done any assignments yet.  If you want, or are willing, to work a senior position that you are qualified for then please let me know this week by emailing me the sessions that you are available and the positions that you would prefer to work.

Meet Managers for the 2017-18 Season:  I am still looking for meet managers for next season.  I will be contacting people directly this week so if you were hoping to get started on Meet manager with higher officiating levels in mind, please get back me.  If you are interested in learning more, please contact me at the email address below.  I have had a number of offers but we are still very short and it would be healthy for the club if we can develop new meet managers.  We are hosting the Western Region Short Course Championships again this year.  With this extra meet, we need extra help! 

If you have any officiating questions please contact me, Mark Lukings L.A.C. Co-Club Officials Chair at







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 Jun 24-25

 SwimON Festival



 Jun 9

 Jun 29 -    Jul 2

 Ontario Provincials



 Jun 15

 Jul 14-16

 Paul Hauch Invit.

 Thames Park Pool


 Jun 29



Instructions for ordering swim equipment can be found on the LAC website under “Swimmers A/C” under the “LAC swim equipment” tab. Also found on the website is the TAS shark card, you will need this card when purchasing Team Aquatic Supplies merchandise at swim meets or in their stores.

If you have any equipment questions please contact



Information for the newsletter should be emailed to  by 10 am Monday mornings.