January 8




​Sat Jan 20 NO workouts for Age Group Blue/Bronze/Orange and Development 1 & 2.

Senior Bronze/Blue 7:30 – 8:30 am CGAC

CHOCC Introductory program will run at the usual time



Last year at about this time we spoke about motivational speaker and executive coach Robin Sharma's 8 Acronyms for Extreme Achievement. The one we referenced last year was Acronym #5, KMF: Keep Moving Forward. We'd like to share another acronym with you, and it is the first one on Robin Sharma's list. It is APR: Absolute Personal Responsibility.  Nothing in your personal, physical, professional or financial life will change until you start making your changes. Human beings are really really good at self-deception (lying to ourselves keeps us from pain). And playing The Victim. But the beginning of transformation is awareness. And the very moment we stop blaming others and conditions for what’s not world-class in our lives is the moment we take back our power to dramatically alter our situation.

APR is all about waking up to the reality that your current reality (in whatever areas are most important to you) have not been caused by your boss or your spouse or your teacher or your coach or your friends or by the world. You created them (via your thinking, behaviors and performance). And once you truly get this, you’ll be in the beautiful position to make the new choices that will deliver all-new, all-world results.

In a swimming context, as we embark on a new year, commit to making one "game-breaking" change that perhaps you've been talking about but haven't really acted on yet. Maybe technical, maybe physical (1000 sit-ups on your own every week?), maybe a change to a more positive, confident attitude? You know that thing you've been thinking about changing for a while? Don't wait, don't be afraid, go ahead and make that change and see what happens! GO LAC GO!



The next statements will be emailed in the next few days. If you have any concerns please contact Donna at by Thursday Jan 11. PAD payments will be withdrawn Jan 15.



This meet is now available for sign up on the LAC website. Sign up deadline is January 5. The cost is $10 per event and $3.50 per relay. Once a swimmer has confirmed their attendance and the meet entries have been confirmed by meet management you will be responsible for your entry fees. Food Sign Up is now available. All LAC families with a 12 & under swimmer will be responsible to donate (food or $12) even if your swimmer is not attending the meet.



The next Spiritwear order will be placed January 26. If you would like to place an order please print off the form on the LAC website under the "Swimmer Info" tab under the "LAC Swim Equipment" tab. Complete the order form and deposit it in the LAC mailbox at CGAC. Please include the payment with the order (cheques made out to London Aquatic Club).



Clinics: I have scheduled 7 clinics prior to the WOSA Regional Championship.  The first two are before the 12 and Under.  I am not planning on having more clinics until the spring, prior to the Hollandia Invitational.  Ideally Officials will take the Introduction to Swimming Clinic first, but they CAN be done in any sequence.  Sign-ups to attend the clinics will be posted shortly.  This allows me to know how many people to prepare for and there is limited space for those clinics held in the downstairs meeting room.  Come out, learn more about how the meets are run, and make your officiating experience more interesting by trying different jobs.

             1)    Introduction to Swimming Officiating/Safety Marshal – Monday, January 15 - 6:30 to 8:30 PM –                        Upstairs Meeting Room

2)    Judge of Strokes and Turns – Friday, January 19 - 6:00 to 9:00 PM – Upstairs Meeting Room

3)    Chief Finish Judge / Chief Judge Electronics – Monday, January 22 - 5:30 to 8:30 PM – Downstairs Meeting Room

4)    Recorder/Scorer – Wednesday, January 24 - 6:00 to 8:00 PM – Downstairs Meeting Room

5)    Chief Timekeeper – Thursday, January 25 - 6:00 to 8:00 PM – Downstairs Meeting Room

6)    Starter (The person who says “Take your marks.”) – Saturday, January 27 - 8:00 to 10:00 AM – Downstairs Meeting Room

7)    Clerk of Course – Tuesday, January 30 - 6:00 to 8:00 PM – Downstairs Meeting Room

Senior Officials Needed - 12 and Under Celebration, 13 and Over Time Trial,  and WOSA Champs: If you are looking for opportunities to work senior positions at meets, it is never too soon to email the Competition Coordinator and let them know what you are looking for.  In fact, too late can come quicker than you might think!  The Competition Coordinator for the 12 and Under Celebration and for the January 13 and over Time Trial is Denise McDonald:  I am the Competition Coordinator for WOSA Champs.  I will be sending out a call to other clubs for senior WOSA officials this weekend so please do not delay.  The date on the request email is one of the factors considered when assigning senior officials.  When making a request for senior positions, please send separate emails for each meet and include: the meet name in the subject, the sessions that you are available, the jobs that you are interested in and any other special requests such as the end of the pool.  We do our best to accommodate.

Volunteers Needed: Before I start this, I need to make it clear that session credits are only given for LAC Hosted meets, not for helping at another club’s meet.  That said, we get a lot of help from other clubs at our meets and it is nice if we maintain the good will by returning the favour, especially if you are there anyway.  These are great opportunities to earn high school volunteer hours.

London Gliders (Special Olympics) is hosting a 1 session invitational on Sunday, January 28.  Warm-ups start at 7:00 AM and the event is planned to be complete by 1:00 PM.  They are looking for help with Timers and Strokes and Turns officials.  If you can help out, please contact Karen Campbell at: 

Western is hosting varsity meets on:

Saturday, January 13th at 4:30 pm (Western and U of T) about 80 swimmers – one session, timed final, about 3 hours. 

Thursday to Saturday, February 8-10 (OUAA championships).  A.M. heats and P.M. finals with the likelihood of a short afternoon time trial on the Saturday.  This was a great meet the last time Western hosted it.  It comes highly recommended!

If you can help at any of the Western meets please contact Paul Cappa (Long Time LAC President) at: or

If you have any officiating questions please contact me, Mark Lukings L.A.C. Co-Club Officials Chair at







 Sign  up  Deadline

 Jan 19-20

Toronto Grand Prix

  Univ of Toronto


  January 8

 Jan 20-21

 12/under Celebration


 ALL LAC 12 & unders

  January 5

 Jan 20

 13 & Over Time Trial


 ALL LAC 13 & overs

 January 15

 Feb 2-4

 WOSA Champs



 January 22

 Feb 17-18

 Winter Festival



 February 5

 Mar 1-4

 Spring Provincials



 February 19

 Mar 8-11

 “AA” Champs



 February 16




Club hosted meets help to reduce membership fees by 20-25% as well as reducing travel costs by attending fewer out-of-town meets. To ensure the Club has sufficient resources to host meets, most LAC swim families are required to work a minimum of 22 sessionsduring club hosted meets (please see below for exceptions). These sessions may be worked through officiating or working at the club’s food canteen, awards or other positions. Any unfulfilled session credits will be billed at a rate of $40.00 per session to the swim family’s Swimmer Account at the end of the season. Please note that this is not meant to be a “fundraiser” but rather an incentive to participate in the running of home meets. Swim families may receive up to 5 donated session credits from another club family to complete their credits, however any more than the 5 donated session credits must be approved by the board. Session commitments are waived for first year swim families with no prior competitive swim club affiliation, as well as for introductory and post-secondary students training full time with the club and for varsity swimmers, although assistance during swim meets from these groups is greatly appreciated.  First year families ARE required to fulfill the LAC orientation program. This includes participating in an Introductory to Swimming clinic during the swim season and a follow up “on-deck” mentoring session.

*** Families of Development swimmers who are not in their first year of competitive swimming who do not have a swimmer in another level are required to fulfill only 11 of the assigned session credits.***

*The number of session credits will be reviewed by the board in the fall upon club enrolment and may be subject to change.

There is a session credit FAQ under the "Parent Info" tab under "Session Credits.



Instructions for ordering swim equipment can be found on the LAC website under “Swimmers Info” under the “LAC swim equipment” tab. Also found on the website is the TAS shark card, you will need this card when purchasing Team Aquatic Supplies merchandise at swim meets or in their stores.

If you have any equipment questions please contact



We have had a few requests to get this facebook (London Aquatic Club – Swim Team Equipment Swap) site up and running again. Feel free to post any items you would like to sell or any requests for equipment you might be looking for.



Information for the newsletter should be emailed to  by 10 am Monday mornings.