April 8




Friday April 19   ALL LAC swimmers are invited to attend the Swim-A-Thon workouts please see note below.

Friday April 19       NO evening workouts as the pool will close after Swim-A-Thon

Saturday April 20   NO Age Group Gold/Silver/Blue/Bronze/Orange

Saturday April 20   NO Senior Bronze/Blue

Saturday April 20   NO Development 1

Saturday April 20   Development 2 will swim at CGAC from 8:00 – 9:00 am

Sunday April 21     NO Development 2



CONGRATULATIONS to our 8 swimmers who raced at the Canadian Swimming Trials last week at the Pan-Am Pool in Scarborough. Many highlights and history-making moments, led of course by Maggie MacNeil's 3 national crowns and selection to her first senior international squad, the World Championship team that will compete in Gwangju, South Korea this July; Western Mustang and LAC-affiliated Charis Huddle representing Canada for the first time with her selection the World Student Games team competing in Italy this summer; David Hickey achieving 100% pb's and racing in 3 B finals at only his 2nd senior national championship event; LAC alumnus and UWaterloo grad Josie Andres finishing her illustrious swim career with a pb in the 50FR, moving her to 6th all-time; Carter Buck, Katherine Callon and Jack Haycock all performing well in their first-ever national Trials, gaining valuable experience and insight along the way, which will undoubtedly hold them in good stead for their next appearance; and Ryan Estabrooks qualifying for the final of the PARA 100FR. Many comments from many quarters about how well LAC swimmers performed all week long!

Congratulations also to everyone who raced at the Pentathlon on Sunday - in a condensed format, without much time between swims, to be able to stand up and race 5 events with a consistent effort and a positive attitude would be the biggest take-away from this meet at this early stage of the season, and by all accounts our swimmers did an exemplary job of this. Special props to those of you who won the Pentathlon Award in your age category, with the fastest cumulative time in the 5 events combined - well done!

Finally, good luck to our 6 swimmers competing at the Eastern Canadian Championships in Quebec City this week. GO LAC GO!



When: Sat.April 13 9-9:45am Where: CGAC ground level meeting room Who: any swimmers in our Age Group program and below (and their parents) What: a presentation by Tess Wishart, a 4th year Health Sciences student at Western University, under the supervision of Dr.Natascha Wesch, Natascha is a professor at Western University and runs Elite Mind Performance, a company that provides sports psychology services to athletes of all ages and abilities. Tess gave a presentation to our Senior swimmers on Friday March 22 and it was excellent. Topics to be discussed include "the blues", depression, perfectionism, managing athletics and academics, the pressure of high expectations, and bullying. The talk will be specifically geared to a pre-teen audience.



***We will be doing club pictures on Swim A Thon Day!  Sign up and get involved in this important CLUB event.

Swimmers Registered: 71                                  Money Raised: $5820

Last Season’s Total: $10,200 – Let’s surpass that this season!

THIS WEEK’S PRIZE: London bathing cap to the Coome family for being the top fundraisers of this past week.

ALL LAC swimmers are invited to participate in our Annual Swim-a-Thon. It will take place at CGAC on Friday,April 19.

Age Group Gold/Silver/Bronze/Blue 6:00 – 8: 00 am

Senior Gold/Silver/Bronze/Blue 8:00 – 10:00 am

Age Orange/Development 1 & 2/Introductory 10:00 – 12 noon

WHAT IS SWIM-A-THON: swimmers will see how long it takes them to do 200 lengths or how many lengths can they do in 2 hours. For our younger swimmers they will spend 2 hours in the pool participating in length swimming as well as some skills stations (starts, turns, etc)

Our fundraising efforts for swim-a-thon are done using Swim Canada's online fundraising program.

HOW TO REGISTER: to register your swimmer (or swim family if you have multiple swimmers and would prefer one family page) please follow this link to get started and begin collecting donations.  Our club goal this year is $15,000 and there will be fantastic prizes available to win! The top 3 fundraisers will receive LAC spirit wear, and the top 12 fundraisers will be invited to a bowling party with the coaches and will be able to pick a prize from the prize table.

Swimming Canada is no longer issuing any receipts in any circumstance.  You may find out more information here:

Remember the funds raised from swim-a-thon will go towards fundraising projects like a new video scoreboard, coaching educational opportunities as well as swimming and dryland equipment.

If you have any questions about Swim-a-thon please contact Donna at



Any concerns please contact Donna at by Friday April 12. PAD payments will be withdrawn April 16.



LAC Pentathlon – Thanks To All Of The Volunteers – Sometimes it’s nice to have a relaxing laid back meet.  That was Sunday.  2 three- hour sessions.  Sleep till it’s not dark.  Home for dinner!  Thanks to everyone who helped to make the day a success!  Special thanks to our imported Competition Coordinator, Bonnie Marceau and newish (yeah they did a time trial) Meet Managers, Lisa Campbell and Ian Skilling!

LAC - Hollandia Spring Invitational – Senior Officials Needed – This meet starts on May 9 and runs 4 days with a total of 9 single ended sessions. If you would like to work a senior position please email Greg Lewis at with your requests.  Please include the session(s) and the position(s) that you would like to try.  This is another great opportunity to try out what you have learned in the clinics that you have taken.  Just let Greg know that you are new and he will provide a mentor if needed. Minor officials - the sign-ups for minor officials are still a couple of weeks away.

Officials Clinics:  I still plan on doing a starter clinic prior to Hollandia.  At the Pentathlon on Sunday a few people mentioned that they wanted a clinic or two to help their progression as officials.  If you are in that situation then please email me.  Put ‘Clinics’ in the subject and indicate what clinics you want.  I will do my best to get those scheduled for you.  I will do a Meet Manager clinic in the fall for any people who offer to be a new Meet Manager next year.  No need to tell me about Starter or Meet Manager.

Officiating Merchandise: I have had a few people express an interest in Swim Canada Rule Books and occasionally I have people ask about name tags.  If you would like to buy a rule book ($10.00) or a name tag ($9.00), please email me and that can be arranged.  

If you have any officiating questions please contact me, Mark Lukings L.A.C. Co-Club Officials Chair at







 Sign-up Deadline

 April 27-28

 Brock LC Invitational

 St Catharines


 April 10

 May 9-12

Hollandia Invitational



 April 22



The meet is in Windsor, a block of rooms have been set aside for team travel at The Best Western Waterfront Plus Hotel. There are no more rooms remaining in the block booking, but you can contact the hotel to ask about individual room availability.     P: 519-973-4215 | F: 519-973-1600 |



Club hosted meets help to reduce membership fees by 20-25% as well as reducing travel costs by attending fewer out-of-town meets. To ensure the Club has sufficient resources to host meets, most LAC swim families are required to work a minimum of 22 sessionsduring club hosted meets (please see below for exceptions). These sessions may be worked through officiating or working at the club’s food canteen, awards or other positions. Any unfulfilled session credits will be billed at a rate of $40.00 per session to the swim family’s Swimmer Account at the end of the season. If a swimmer leaves the club after March 1st then the prorated unworked session credits will be billed to their final statement. Please note that this is not meant to be a “fundraiser” but rather an incentive to participate in the running of home meets. Swim families may receive up to 5 donated session credits from another club family to complete their credits, however any more than the 5 donated session credits must be approved by the board. Session commitments are waived for first year swim families with no prior competitive swim club affiliation, as well as for introductory and post-secondary students training full time with the club and for varsity swimmers, although assistance during swim meets from these groups is greatly appreciated.  First year families ARE required to fulfill the LAC orientation program. This includes participating in an Introductory to Swimming clinic during the swim season and a follow up “on-deck” mentoring session.

*** Families of Development swimmers who are not in their first year of competitive swimming who do not have a swimmer in another level are required to fulfill only 11 of the assigned session credits.***

*The number of session credits will be reviewed by the board in the fall upon club enrollment and may be subject to change.

The Session Credit Policies are posted under the “Parent Info" tab On the LAC website.



Instructions for ordering swim equipment can be found on the LAC website under “Swimmer Equipment” tab. Also found on the website is the TAS shark card, you will need this card when purchasing Team Aquatic Supplies merchandise at swim meets or in their stores. Equipment requirements for each group are also listed.

If you have any equipment questions please contact



The 2018-2019 Shark Card is now available on the LAC website under the “swim equipment” tab. This offers a 15% discount off all regular priced goods. You MUST have this card with you at the time of purchase. Either as a pdf saved on your phone or a printed hard copy. The new online coupon code is listed on the cards as well this year. This code will be valid on the new website/webstore which is in the process of being launched. It offers a 15% discount on all regular priced goods listed on the site/store.



Information for the newsletter should be emailed to  by 10 am Monday mornings.