Jun 6




Fri Jun 10                      HP/YN            2:45 – 5:00 pm          THAMES

Sat Jun 11                    AGG/AGB       7:00 – 9:00 am          THAMES

Sat Jun 11                    AGO               7:30 – 9:00 am           THAMES

The SUMMER TRAINING SCHEDULES are posted in our Schedules section. Please note there are three schedules beginning May 30, June 20 and July 4.   There   

There are also schedules for those swimmers competing at the National Championship meets that go into effect after the Hauch Meet.  These schedules will be distributed soon.



First time Age Group National Qualifier: Maggie MacNeil

May 28 was the Western Regional Sting Meet, LAC swimmers posted many best times. Congratulations to our top three finishers.

9 & Under GirlsEmma Lazenby 1st 200 Bk & 2nd 200 IM - Farah Shohib 3rd 200 IM 9 & Under  Boys Michael Dagasso 1st 50 Fl, 50 Fr, 200 Fr - Tyrus Kalanyos 3rd 100 Fr - William O'Keefe-Marr 1st 200 Bk, 50 Br & 2nd 200 Fr - James Quigley 1st 100 Bk, 50 Bk,100 Fr & 2nd 50 Fr 10 Year Old Girls Megan Estabrooks 1st 200 Br, 100 Fr & 2nd 100 Br, 200 Fr - Jessica Oder  2nd 50 Fr, 50 Br, 100 IM & 3rd 50 Fl 10 Year Old Boys Erik Andersen 1st 50 Fr, 200 Fr, 200 IM & 2nd 100 Fr - Michael Quigley 2nd 100 Bk & 3rd 100 Fr - Santiago Tovar 1st 50 Fl, 100 IM & 3rd 50 Br 11 Year Old Girls Hannah Arnold 1st 50 Fr  & 3rd 50 Fl, 20 IM - Emily Dagasso 1st 200 Bk, 100 Bk, 100 Fl, 400 Fr - Kristen Estabrooks 1st 100 Br & 3rd 200 Bk - Reilly Gowing 2nd 50 Fl, 50 Fr & 3rd 50 Br, 100 IM - Julia Nalywaiko 1st 200 Br, 100 Fr & 2nd 200 Bk, 200 IM 11 Year Old Boys Omar Shohib 1st 100 Br, 50 Fr, 100 Fl, 100 IM 12 Year Old Girls Megan Bethel 1st 200 Br, 200 IM, 400 Fr & 2nd100 Br - Meaghan Fish 1st 200 Bk & 2nd 200 Fr, 100 Fr & 3rd 200 IM - Wynter Joudrey 1st 200 Fr & 2nd 200 Bk & 3rd 100 Fr 12 Year Old Boys David Mekhaiel 2nd 200 Fr, 100 Fr & 3rd 100 Br, 200 IM - Carter Stuckless 1st 200 Bk, 200 Fr, 200 IM, 400 Fr 13 Year Old Girls Madison Campbell 1st 400 Fr & 2nd 400 IM, 200 Br - Mackenzie Lukings 1st 200 Bk & 3rd 200 Fr, 200 IM - Lindsey Wong 1st 100 Br, 200 IM & 2nd 100 Bk 14 & Over Girls Mishail Bhatia 1st 100 Bk & 2nd 50 Fr, 100 Fr & 3rd 50 Bk - Hailey Overend 1st 200 Bk, 200 Fr, 800 fr



All WOSA championship participates please read the attached note (CLICK HERE) from the hosting team.



The Annual General Meeting of the London Aquatic Club will held on Wednesday, June 15, 2011 at 7.00 p.m. The meeting will be in the MPR Room at the Canada Games Aquatic Centre.


The Hauch Swim Meet has been posted under "events" on the LAC website. The entry deadline is Thurs June 16. Please sign into the LAC website and declare if you plan on attending the meet ASAP. Only swimmers that indicate they will be attending by the entry deadline will be entered in the meet.


LAC Parents,

Our 34th Annual Dr. Paul Hauch Invitational Swim Meet is fast approaching!  We need your help.  This is our final event and a great end to the swim season.  It is meant to be just a lot of fun!

In that regard, we are asking swim families to donate prizes that will be given out to the heat winner of randomly selected “bell” heats throughout the weekend.  Swimmers get excited when they hear a bell ring just before their heat and try really hard to win so they can get a prize.  Popular items that have been donated in the past are: towels, gift cards, beach toys, toiletries, tote bags, water bottles, games, caps, t-shirts; etc.  Gifts should be worth between $5 and $10 each.

Families in Development and Orange should give their items to the coaches; families in Blue, Gold, Y, YN and HP can give them directly to me anytime at the pool.  Please have your items in as soon as possible and no later than June 24 to allow me time to sort and organize.

Thank you so much for helping make this the best swim meet of the season!

Sheri Cappa, Meet Manager, 2011 Dr. Paul Hauch Invitational Swim Meet



Travel Accounts Statements

Travel statements were now sent out over two weeks ago. To all those families that have already paid...thanks. To other families: a reminder that the balance is due on demand. Prompt payment is always appreciated as it help keeps administration time to a minimum. As always, feel free to contact me at if you have any questions about the postings on your account. For any questions requiring more than a simple e-mail, please see me at the pool or e-mail me so we can make arrangements to speak over the phone.




June 10 - 12   WOSA LC Regionals         St Catharines  Entry deadline: May 27

Jun 30–Jul 3  Jr Provincial SC Champs  Etobicoke        Entry deadline: Jun 16

Jul 8 – Jul 10 Hauch Invitational              Thames            Entry deadline: Jun 16

Jul 21-24  Summer Nationals  Pointe Claire                   Entry deadline: Jul 11

Jul 27-31  Age Group Nationals  Montreal                      Entry deadline: Jul 18

PLEASE ensure that you are checking the “EVENTS” section of the website – you will find all meet information here.  You will be required to log in with your password to view this information.



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