Nov 19


Newsletter 2012-13 Issue 10



Fri Nov 23 No workouts due to Nothers Meet

Sat Nov 24 No workouts due to Nothers Meet

There will be no LAC workouts the week of Dec 24 to Dec 30. A holiday training schedule will be posted later this month.



GOOD LUCK to all LAC'ers at our Nothers Invitational this weekend.  Remember, "Luck lies at the intersection of PREPARATION and OPPORTUNITY."  Here's a refresher on your meet behaviour: 1) great team spirit (LOUD & PROUD!) - this includes wearing your team cap and shirt, participating in the team cheer, and supporting your teammates every time you see them in a close race; AND, let's start a new ritual: every time a LAC'er wins a heat, an organized "WAY TO GO Susie or Billy!" 2) punctuality - at the beginning of each session look your coach in the eye and say "Hi Coach, I'm here!"  At the end of each session look your coach in the eye and ask: "I think I'm done Coach, what time do you want me here for the next session?"  3) pre- and post-swim reporting - the last person you see before your swim? your coach. The first person you see after your swim? your coach.  4) good warm-up habits - these include getting in on time, completing the entire warm-up, and asking your coach if there's anything they want to see before you finish your warm-up.  A good warm-up will take between 30-45mins (take your time), and it should finish no earlier than 45mins before your first swim  5) fuelling for performance - good eating and hydration habits, both at and away from the pool, with the main message being: make sure you're eating and drinking enough!  6) finally, HAVE FUN! Take one positive from each swim, and one area for improvement, then ON TO THE NEXT ONE!




This meet takes place at CGAC this weekend Nov 23 – 25. Only the swimmers that signed up on the LAC website have been entered in the meet.

FOOD CONTRIBUTIONS – sign up deadline: Nov 20 (Today)

Today is the last day to sign-up up for a food item. There are a few items left. An event has been created for the food list and full instructions are provided in the event description. Families not providing the requested food item will be billed for the allotted amount plus an administrative fee of $5.00 on their Swimmer Account. Please note for any families that know ahead of time they will not be able to make a contribution, there is a spot to select that choice at the bottom of the list.

Please contact Carmen Riekenbrauck at for any questions.


For minor officials questions please contact Mary Allen at Please contact Mary directly if you are available for the Friday morning and/or early Friday afternoon distance sessions.

For awards questions please contact Lianne Wong at

For equipment set-up questions please contact Steve Langham at



Just a few quick reminders this week:

For the people who attended the recent Level I Timers Clinics, please remember to register with

There are 8 people who attended the Timers clinics that I still owe red Level I pins to. They are on order. Don’t let me forget to get them to you. I still have the list.

If you are officiating at Nothers, don’t forget to bring your Officials Certification Card and get a signature for that position. If you have lost your card, I will have spares at the meet.

If you are available to officiate at Nothers and have not signed up please contact Mary at

If you want to take the online clinics, but need help, just ask.

Mark Lukings, L.A.C. Co-Club Officials Chair



This time trial takes place Sat Dec 8 at CGAC, all Development and non-Gatineau swimmers are invited to attend. Sign up is now available on the LAC website under the "events" tab and the entry deadline is Nov 27.



This meet will take place in Gatineau, Quebec Dec.14-16, and has been designated as a team travel event, which means that if you wish to compete you will travel and stay with the team for the duration of the event. A list of qualified swimmers has been posted in the event on the LAC website and the entry deadline is Nov 22. The estimated cost for this event is $350, which includes transportation, hotel and meals.



Nov 23-25    Nothers Invitational    CGAC      ALL LAC swimmers                  Entry Deadline: Nov 6

Dec 8           LAC Time Trial           CGAC      Development & non-Gatineau   Entry Deadline: Nov 27

Dec 14 - 16  CNG Invitational         Gatineau  Qualifiers                               Entry Deadline: Nov 22

Jan 18 – 20  Ontario Cup                 U of T      HP qualifiers 

Jan 19 - 20   MMST Dash for Cash    Milton     13 & over                               Entry Deadline: Jan 3

Jan 19 – 20  12 & under Meet          CGAC      All Lac 12 & unders                 Entry Deadline: Jan 3

PLEASE ensure that you are checking the “EVENTS” section of the website – you will find all meet information here. You will be required to log in with your password to view this information. The full LAC meet schedule is available on the website under the "SCHEDULES" section.



Information for the newsletter should be emailed to by 10 am Monday