Apr 8



Newsletter 2012-13 Issue 28



Sat Apr 13       Age Group Gold/Blue         Skills Session      1:00 – 2:00 pm             CGAC

Sat Apr 27       Age Group Orange             Skills Session      1:00 – 2:00 pm             CGAC

Sat May 4        Development 2                                           11:00-12:00 am            CGAC

Sat May 4        Development 3                                           12:00 -1:00 pm             CGAC



Just about everyone raced last Sunday at the Pentathlon and there was some good swimming, with many of you demonstrating good durability, reliability and consistency in racing all 5 events.  The coaches are also beginning to notice some small positive changes in the areas of starting and underwater work...particularly important in the shorter events.  Two reminders on this: 1) the best time to practice good turn technique is every single day, not just on the those occasions when we do a set specifically aimed at turns.  The coaches always laugh when they hear: "When are we going to practice turns?" Because the answer is: "Every single day." You have done hundreds and hundreds (if not thousands) of turns - do them well when you are at the end of a hard, hard set and you will do them well at the end of your race. Which leads to 2) There's a saying you've all heard before: practice makes perfect.  Well, that's not exactly accurate.  A more accurate statement is: PRACTICE MAKES PERMANENT.  So...whatever you are doing in practice is what you are going to do in competition.  Make sure you are attending with diligence and purpose to all of the tiny details in your training...they will add up to make a BIG difference!

Congratulations First Time Regional Qualifiers: Bill Deng, Jacob Fenn, Sami Ferwati, Paige Lovecky, Olivia Moore, Ava Russell, Jacob St Pierre and Eric Sleegers.

Congratulations to Jake Armstrong, Matt Kwatyra, Brayden Salmon and Robert Wise for their performances at World Championship Trials in Victoria last week.  For a re-cap of their results check the "What's New" section of the website.



Another successful kick-off to the Long Course season for the London Aquatic Club. The Pentathlon has evolved over the few short years since its introduction -- it has grown from a very small, holiday Sunday event to a jam-packed one day invitational this year with 9 clubs competing and over double the number of entrants since last year. The feedback has been very positive and we can see this meet becoming a permanent addition to the LAC schedule.

A very big thank you to all the deck, canteen and award volunteers for their tireless efforts. Also to the setup and tear-down crew for being so efficient and dedicated. Special thanks to the senior officials and 12&U "marshals" who kept our super-tight schedule on track and to the Electronics and Office staff for keeping the ship afloat.

Of course, big thanks to all our swim families for being so dedicated and congratulations to all our swimmers, many competing in the "long pool" for the very first time.

Thanks again to everyone

Joe Gati, Meet Manager, LC Pentathlon



Swimmer Account Statements

Swimmer statements for meets and other charges up to April 5, 2013 were sent out for all families this weekend by e-mail. If you did not receive your statement, please let me know. General information on swimmer statements including payment options can be found by logging in to the website and looking under swimmer accounts. The entry summary tab includes details for meet fees.

A reminder that swimmer accounts are payable upon receipt of your statement. As per club policy, amounts not paid with 30 days of receipt of the travel statement can result in swimmers not being able to complete for the club so please pay on a timely basis.

As always, feel free to contact me at if you have any questions about the postings on your account. For any questions requiring more than a simple e-mail, please see me at the pool or e-mail me so we can make arrangements to speak over the phone.




This weekend’s Spring Pentathlon was another fine example of the excellent meets that our LAC officials host. Our LAC meet officials and the visiting officials from the Western Region make us proud! Congratulations to Meet Manager Joe Gati, Meet Referee Bonnie Marceau, and Minor Officials Coordinator Mary Allen for putting together this great event! Thank you to the folks who came out at the last minute on Saturday night to help set up and the ones who stayed to the bitter end packing up Sunday afternoon. And finally, thanks to our awards, canteen and program sales folks for doing what is (sometimes) a thankless job. Our meets would not the same without ALL of you.

I have been asked by a number of people if I will be having another Timer and another Strokes and Turns clinic this year. Yes, I am planning on doing both in the week preceding the Hollandia Invitational. At this point in the season I would normally only do these at CGAC, because that is where most of the people are, however, if I get enough interest I will do one or both of these at CHOCC as well. If you are interested please let me know so that I can plan accordingly.

Mark Lukings L.A.C. Co-Club Officials Chair



The sign-up for Swim Camp has been posted on the website. This camp is for our young swimmers born in 2001 and later. Camp will run July 8th- 11th, the week leading into the Paul Hauch Invitational. There is limited space available so please indicate early.

If you have any questions please contact one of your coaches. More information is posted on the events page.



May 10-12                 Hollandia Invit'l           CGAC         All LAC                  Entry Deadline: Apr 18

May 30-Jun 2             AGI                            Etobicoke   13 & O qualifiers

Jun 1-Jun 2                Provincial Festival       Sudbury     13 & U qualifiers

Jun 7-Jun 9                WOSA LC Champs       Western     13 & O qualifiers

Jun 22-Jun 23            WOSA LC Champs       Hamilton    12 & U qualifiers


PLEASE ensure that you are checking the “EVENTS” section of the website – you will find all meet information here. You will be required to log in with your password to view this information.

The full LAC meet schedule is available on the website under the "SCHEDULES" section.



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