Apr 29


Newsletter 2012-13 Issue 32


Fri May 3         Age Group Gold/Blue    4:00 – 5:00 pm only                CGAC

Sat May 4        Development 2             11:00-12:00 am                     CGAC

Sat May 4        Development 3             12:00 -1:00 pm                      CGAC

Mon May 6      NO HP am workout

Thu May 9       HP/SrG/SrB            6:00-7:30am or 3-5pm                  CGAC

Fri May 10       NO workouts due to Hollandia Meet

Sat May 11      NO workouts due to Hollandia Meet

Mon May 13    NO HP/SrG/SrB workouts



"FAST TAKES TIME" - from the book "Winning Isn't Normal", by Dr.Keith Bell:

One of the tough things about training is you never see any immediate results. It takes time. You don't dive in, do a hard set, then as a result of doing that hard set notice an immediate increase in speed or strength. In fact, you may very well feel weaker and swim slower immediately after the hard set because your muscles are fatigued. You don't notice the results until weeks, or even months, later, when the effects of many training activities accumulate.  YOU CAN'T DO IT ALL AT ONCE. Getting fast takes time.  You have to keep plugging away at it.  Success doesn't come with one, or even several, extraordinary efforts. It comes with the accumulated effects of consistently going for it. It is PERSISTENCE that pays off.



We are entering the last semester of the swim season. There are three multi-day swim meets to be hosted by LAC this season (Hollandia, WOSA/Sting and Paul Hauch).  There is ample opportunity for families to meet their session credit obligations. Please sign up on the website to help out at these meets. If you are unsure of whether you are responsible for session credits this season then please contact Cindy Salmon at If you would like to know how many session credits your family has earned this season then please sign in to the website and go to the "My Invoice/Payment"section in the left hand margin, then select the Service Hours tab.



The LAC AGM will be held on June 19th at 7 pm. Additional details will be posted to the website under the 'Events' tab closer to the date.

There are presently two vacant Board positions to be filled at the AGM.  If anyone is interested in learning more about the vacant Board positions please contact Paul Cappa at



Just a quick reminder of the two clinics this week:  
1) Strokes and Turns - Wednesday, May 1 - 5:30 P.M. to 8:00 P.M. at the Canada Games Aquatic Centre in the downstairs meeting room.
2) Level 1 Timer Clinic – Saturday, May 4 – 7:00 A.M. to 9:00 A.M. at the Carling Heights Optimist Community Centre.  

The Strokes and Turns clinic is booked up, but keep in mind that sometimes people don’t show up.  If you really want to take this clinic then stop by at 5:30 P.M. on Wednesday evening and if we can squeeze you in, we will do so.  

The sign-up pages for Hollandia are available.  If you are Strokes and Turns qualified, or will be qualified by the meet, please sign up for Strokes and Turns.  Yes, you can sign up now for Strokes and Turns even if you are not yet qualified as long as you will have taken the clinic and passed the test by the meet.  
If you cannot come to the Wednesday clinic then the other option is to take the clinic online.  This is easier than you might think, can be done at your own pace, at the time of your choosing, and you get a session credit once you pass the quiz.  If you would like to take any or all of the online clinics and don’t know how to proceed, just email me and I will send you all of the information that you require.  
Each person taking any clinic for the first time, online or at a live clinic, receives a session credit.  People taking Strokes and Turns can be assigned to a mentor at a meet so that you can get experience and help at the same time that you earn another session credit.  In most cases we will assign you to your own lane between two experienced officials.  If you have any questions, just ask.  

Mark Lukings L.A.C. Co-Club Officials Chair 



London Aquatic Club has booked a block of rooms at 3 different locations for your consideration for the upcoming Age Group International being held in Etobicoke from May 30 – June 2.

Homewood Suites by Hilton, 5515 Eglington Ave West, Toronto 1-888-381-4311

1 bedroom Suite or Studio w/ 1 King or 2 queen beds $124.00 + tax per night.

2 bedroom Suite $199.00 + tax per night.

Includes full kitchen

Hampton Inn, 5515 Eglington Ave West, Toronto 1-888-381-1194

2 Queen beds $109.00 + tax per night.

Breakfast is included at each of the above locations and will open at 6:30am Saturday & Sunday. Cold items only

Reservation code for both is: LONDON

Any cancellations must be made 24 hours prior to arrival, otherwise, 1 night + tax will be charged.

Booking Deadline: April 30/13

Courtyard Mississauga, 5050 Creekbank Road, Mississauga 1-800-943-6706

2 Queen beds $89.00 + tax per night

Reservation code: London Aquatic Swim Club - AGI group

Booking Deadline: May 15/13



May 10-12           Hollandia Invit'l         CGAC         All LAC                     Entry Deadline: Apr 18

May 30-Jun 2       AGI                          Etobicoke   13 & O qualifiers       Entry Deadline: May 14

Jun 1-Jun 2          Provincial Festival     U of T        13 & U qualifiers       Entry Deadline: May 16

Jun 7-Jun 9          WOSA LC Champs    Western      13 & O qualifiers       Entry Deadline: May 21

Jun 8-9                WOSA Sting             Western     non-regional             Entry Deadline: May 16

Jun 22-Jun 23      WOSA LC Champs     Hamilton   12 & U qualifiers        Entry Deadline: Jun 6

PLEASE ensure that you are checking the “EVENTS” section of the website – you will find all meet information here. You will be required to log in with your password to view this information.

The full LAC meet schedule is available on the website under the "SCHEDULES" section.



Information for the newsletter should be emailed to by 10 am Monday.