Jun 24


Newsletter 2012-13 Issue 39



On Mon Jul 1 we change to our final schedule of the season CLICK HERE to view.

There are no workouts on Mon Jul 1 except swimmers going to Age Group Provincials, Age Group Nationals or Ohio.



12 & Under Regionals

Congratulations to all who raced at the 12 and Under Regional Championships in Hamilton on the weekend! The pool deck was hot but our young athletes swam their toughest to achieve many top 8 placings and personal bests. The coaches are very proud of the great spirit and swimming - keep up the good work!

Special congratulations to our individual medalists: David Hickey- 1 Gold, 2 Silver, 3 Bronze; Lauren Blaha- 2 Gold, 1 Silver, 1 Bronze; Alexander Pedda- 1 Gold, 1 Silver, 1 Bronze; Madison Brewer- 1 Silver; and our 11-12 Boys bronze medal Medley Relay (Michael Quigley, Ricky Wang, David Hickey, Alexander Pedda)

The following has been taken from an article by Australian sports psychologist Craig Townsend:


By this point, hopefully you all understand that the way you practice today is going to have a direct impact on your results in the future. This is the truth.  Your subconscious mind records your thoughts, attitudes, times, strokes, your level of effort, and your emotions toward your swimming – and it uses all of this information as you move toward your races at an upcoming meet.  One way to look at it is that you have an inner swimming computer that is constantly being updated with new data, data provided by your everyday thoughts and actions, right here, right now. Your inner swimming computer uses this data to instruct your body in your future races. This means your subconscious mind has pretty much programmed your body to achieve a particular result.  The inner blueprint for your future swims is created by your past habits, every thought and action you have had over the past weeks and months of training. 

The best way to change your inner blueprint is to change your body’s subconscious programming, and here’s how:

1) put in a solid, consistent, and enthusiastic practice every day, as much as possible  2) visualize regularly the exact result you want to achieve in your races, as this creates positive “programs” within your mind for your body to follow  3) make sure your thoughts, words and emotions are positive, because your body is greatly affected by your emotional state

What all of this means, simply, is that today DOES affect what will happen tomorrow. What you do today in practice will make a difference to your meet results in a week’s, or a month’s, time.  If you truly want positive results in the future, you need to create positive habits in your training.  You must become the swimmer, NOW, that you wish to be, LATER. You can’t wait and hope, or wish, or pray it will have to MAKE IT HAPPEN, every day.

Develop the daily habits of POSITIVITY and CONSISTENCY, and these attributes will slowly but surely fill your subconscious, fill your computer, and follow you to every meet.




Just a reminder to get your Paul Hauch bell heat prizes in to your coaches or Anthony & Mimi Prier (Dev 2) to ensure our swimmers have a chance at a fun prize if they win their heat when the bell is rung.

One prize per family worth $5-10 and if there is anything extra you want to would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks for making our last hosted meet a fun one for our swimmers!



The London Aquatic Club has booked a block of rooms for your consideration for the upcoming Age Group Nationals in Longueuil, Montreal from July 24-29.

SANDMAN HÔTEL MONTRÉAL-LONGUEUIL-  999 rue de Sérigny, Longueuil  J4K 2T1  - 1-800-493-7303

2 Queen Beds - 115.00 per night + tax

Booking Deadline:   July 8, 2013

Quote Group number:  359728



Jul 4-7          Jr LC Provincials      Brantford                    Qualifiers           Entry Deadline: Jun 20

Jul 12-14      Paul Hauch              Thames                       All LAC              Entry Deadline: Jun 20

Jul 17-20      Senior Nationals       Pointe Claire, Que       Senior Qualifiers

Jul 24-28      Age Group Nat'ls       Montreal                    Age Group Qualifiers

Jul 25-28      Ohio Senior Champs  Gambier, OH             Senior Qualifiers

PLEASE ensure that you are checking the “EVENTS” section of the website – you will find all meet information here. You will be required to log in with your password to view this information.

The full LAC meet schedule is available on the website under the "SCHEDULES" section.



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