This is the first issue of our weekly newsletter for the 2013-14 swim year. You will receive a reminder via email when the week's newsletter has been posted to our website (usually on Tuesday each week, ahem!), and it is an important information source with respect to all areas of London Aquatic Club operations.



The start of the swim season always presents challenges, and usually it takes a week or two for everyone to become familiar with schedules and routines and for those routines to run smoothly and efficiently. Based on what we've seen thus far, it looks like we're going to be BIGGER than ever before...please be patient as we work to streamline our training groups and schedules.

Swimmers, this is the time when the coaches want to see you taking the time to focus on your technique and the small details. How FAST you are swimming right now is not important, simply HOW you are swimming is important! Pay attention to your coaches and their instructions, make sure you understand exactly HOW the stroke drills are to be done, and focus on the basics: ready position on the wall, push-offs, streamlines, underwater kicks, breathing patterns, head position, good strong body position and alignment. If you're focusing on these areas now,  proper execution later will be automatic, and that's a good thing. Let's have a great year...BIGGER and BETTER than ever before. GO LAC GO!



The preliminary competition schedule for 2013-14 has been posted to the website. Please remember that this schedule is subject to change. With the closure of our main pool from April-November 2014, as well as the closure of the Etobicoke Olympium in Toronto until July 2014, there will be some changes to dates and locations of some of the meets we historically have attended.

Our first main event of the year will be our club TIME TRIAL on Sun.Oct.20 at CGAC from 7am-noon, followed by our AWARDS BANQUET at the Greek-Canadian Club on Sarnia Road starting at 4:30pm. Be sure to mark this date on your calendars, as we get together in the morning to practice racing and in the evening to celebrate all of our accomplishments from 2012-13.



Everyone will be receiving the 2013-14 team short sleeve T-shirt at the banquet. If you would like your tshirt to be long sleeve please email our equipment manager Mary @ There will be a $5.00 charge to your Swimmer Account for the long sleeve shirt.



Hello everyone!  Welcome back to another exciting and busy season with London Aquatic Club! We are just getting started but I already have a few things for you to take note of to kick off the season.

Some LAC families have noticed that they are required to complete the Level 1 Timekeeper and Safety Marshal clinic and some others have had their swimmer(s) enter their second year or move up from development and have suddenly realized that there is more that they can do to participate with and to help the club!  I have already had numerous inquiries regarding when we will be hosting the first clinics this year.  Traditionally we host our first clinics prior to the Nothers Invitational but some of you want them prior to the October Time Trial.  I will do my best to accommodate that.  We are also considering hosting a Strokes and Turns practice day where novice S&T officials will get the chance to observe our own swimmers at a practice on the deck and we will judge their strokes and turns. 

Some people last year asked why I didn’t mention this sooner so, if your swimmer is 14 or older then they can help out by officiating at the 12 and under sessions.  Get them trained and they can help earn your family’s session credits and if they are in high school they can get volunteer hours at the same time!

On a related note, I know that there are a few folks who are interested in moving up the officiating ladder.  In order to move to any level above level two, the candidate is required to teach a live clinic.  If anyone would like to do that this year, please let me know and I will work towards getting you that opportunity.

The annual fall Western Regional clinics will be held on Saturday October 5 at the Fanshawe College Campus, 120 Bill Martyn Parkway, St. Thomas.  These clinics are free and so are the morning refreshments and the lunch!  The morning starts at 9:00 A.M. with your choice of Referee, Clerk of Course, Strokes and Turns/Head Lane Timer, and Chief Finish Judge/Chief Judge Electronics clinics.  The afternoon session begins at 12:30 P.M. with your choice of Starter, Meet Manager, Recorder Scorer, Chief Timekeeper, and Club Officials Chairperson clinics.  Come out for the morning, the afternoon, or both.  This is a great opportunity to learn from some experienced people.  

The OSOA.CA web clinics are back online.  All clinics except Starter and Referee can be taken online.  If anyone would like more information on how to take the online clinics please contact me.     

Mark Lukings L.A.C. Co-Club Officials Chair



As most of you know, or are now discovering, having a swimmer with LAC has costs associated with it.  One of the ways that we offset some of those costs is by hosting swim meets.  These meets earn significant revenue for the club and keep the fees lower than they might otherwise be.  There is a lot of work associated with running a meet and to make sure that the work is fairly distributed, just like the revenue is, we have a system of session credits.  People have the opportunity to do their share of the work directly associated with the running of our meets and then benefit from reduced fees or, if they choose, they can opt to not help with our meets and pay back the fee reduction at a per session-credit rate as outlined in the registration package.   Hosting meets is our most effective means of fundraising and as an additional benefit we save our time as well as the cost of fuel, lodging and meals by being able to stay at home.  We thank everyone who chooses to directly participate in your child’s sport in this way!

In addition to swim meet work, there are lots of other things that need to get done, that do not earn us money, but are still required to run the club. Over the next few newsletters I will be giving a brief description of various jobs so that you know what is needing to be done and, if you feel that you would be willing to help out then LAC will continue to be the great club that we know and love.  Some of these jobs are bigger and some are small but many hands make light work so the more people that we can get involved the better.

Volunteer Position Of The Week: Canteen Organizer / Canteen Committee

As a meet manager, one of the people that I really appreciate is the Canteen Organizer.  This does NOT mean that you run the Canteen at meets all by yourself.  It means that you do a little planning, decide what food is required, how many people you need to help and, with that team, plan and prepare, or in some cases cater, the meals that will be served at the meet.  As a bonus, since this position is directly associated with the running of the meet, you get a session credit for set up and for each session you work and you don’t have to scramble to get signed up.  Your spot is guaranteed.  Ideally we would like a canteen committee that can take turns being the canteen organizer, one for each meet or, if we can get enough people, perhaps even a pair sharing a meet.  If you are interested, even if you need some training, please contact me and we will get this party started, so to speak.   

Mark Lukings



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