JAN. 6

Newsletter 2013-14 Issue 16



Sat Jan 11 SrGold & SrSilver additional workout 3-5pm Western U.

Sat Jan 11 SrBlue swim 5:30-8:30am at CGAC (no Western U. workout)

Sat Jan 18 NO WORKOUTS ALL GROUPS (due to swim meets)



On Jan.3 the Senior Gold and Senior Silver swimmers were fortunate to have Dr.Greg Wells (of 2010 Vancouver and 2012 London Olympic "Superbodies" broadcast fame on CTV, and a former swimmer himself) present his "Olympic Skills Workshop". Dr.Wells spoke extensively on 5 topics: The Zone, Dream-Setting, Stress & Pressure, Focus & Concentration, and Recovery & Regeneration. The first topic (The Zone) refers to the idea of the "Ideal Performance State" - basically what you need to know as an athlete is this: Do I perform better when I am calm and relaxed, or do I perform better when I am excited and "bouncing off the walls"? And coaches need to know this about their athletes as well! In the 2nd segment, Dr.Wells distinguishes between goal-setting (which athletes all need to do) and Dream-Setting, which basically puts the passion into the pursuit of our goals. YOU MUST HAVE A SWIMMING DREAM! Then, with your eyes WIDE OPEN, you must set daily, weekly, and yearly goals, and pursue those goals with purpose and persistence!! The expressions of pure joy on the faces of some Olympic athletes who have achieved their dreams are priceless...because they weren't afraid to dream, they set high-quality goals, and they worked ceaselessly, tirelessly, and beyond their perceived limits, EVERY DAY, to realize that dream!

Next week we will talk about Dr.Wells' thoughts on Stress & Pressure, and Focus & Concentration. The latter is what you need to overcome the former!

Many of you had some great workouts in the week back after the holiday it's time to maintain and intensify.  So, keep up your work ethic and focus at the pool as you return to school and have homework to do and exams to study for.  GO LAC GO!


All Development Families, please be aware you are required to donate a food item (minimum $10 value) for the 12&Under meet, whether or not your child is swimming. Keep an eye on the website for the sign-up list to choose a food item to donate. It will need to be dropped off at CGAC by Friday Jan 17th and you will need to initial the list in the kitchen to confirm that your item has been dropped off. Thank you so much for your help in making another LAC-hosted meet a successful one! Please email me if you have any further questions.

Mimi Prier



This meet takes place at the Milton Sports Centre and all LAC 13 & overs are invited to attend. There are two sessions on Saturday and one session on Sunday. Due to low response THERE WILL BE NO TEAM TRAVEL offered for this meet.

Hotel information for this meet is now posted under the “events” tab on the LAC website. Click on the meet title (blue print) to view.


ONTARIO CUP - University of Toronto

Those Senior swimmers with at least one 16-17 Ontario Provincial time are eligible to attend this meet. We will be swimming on the Saturday only, January 18. Warm-up is at 1pm, and the session is scheduled to finish at 6pm. Those attending Ontario Cup will also be entered in the Sun morning session of the Milton meet (7:30am w-up).



This meet takes place at the Windsor Family Aquatic Centre and is now available for sign up. Qualifiers and hotel information for this meet are now posted under the “events” tab on the LAC website. Click on the meet title (blue print) to view.



I have a few important topics to cover this week.

First a reminder of the Timer’s Clinic being offered on Friday January 10 at CGAC in the upstairs meeting room from 5:30-7:30pm, and the Strokes & Turns Clinic on Saturday January 11 from 11:30am-2:00pm at CGAC, also in the upstairs meeting room. Sign-ups are available now.

The 12 & Under Celebration is short on Senior officials. If you are interested please sign up on the OSOA.CA website. Just sign-in to your account. Along the top are several tabs. Hover your mouse over the MEETS tab and then select Register For Meet from the drop down. From there you will be able to see all meets that are open for sign-up in Ontario, defaulting to the meets in the Western region. Click on Select a Session for the meet that you are interested in and go from there. To select a position you must have taken the clinic for that position. The clinics for all positions except Starter and Referee are available online. Contact me if you require any assistance.

I have received word that the Western Region Championships are short on Strokes and Turns and Timing Officials. Each club is required to provide 3 officials for each session. If you are going to be there anyway and are willing to help, please contact Carol McNiece at to offer your help.

If anyone has any questions about anything officiating related, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Mark Lukings LAC Officials Co-Chair



Jan 18-19 12 & Under Celebration CGAC [open to all LAC 12/under] Entry Deadline: Jan 2

Jan 18 Ontario Cup University of Toronto (senior qualifiers) Entry Deadline: Jan 7

Jan 18-19 Marlins Dash for Cash Milton Sports Centre (all 13&overs) Entry Deadline: Jan 2

Jan 31 – Feb 2 WOSA Regionals Windsor Aquatic Centre (qualifiers) Entry Deadline: Jan 20

Feb 7-9 SWA Invitational Tillsonburg (non-Regional) Entry Deadline: Jan 23



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