MAR. 2

Newsletter 2013-14 Issue 24



Thu Mar 6 Senior Gold at CGAC 3-5pm (NO WSRC workout)

Thu Mar 6 Age Group Age Group Gold/Silver workout ends at 6:00 pm

Fri Mar 7 NO Senior Gold/Silver 6-7:30am and Fri pm 3-4pm swim only (NO dryland)

Sat Mar 8 Senior Blue 5:30 – 7:30 am (NO pm WSRC)

Sat Mar 8 NO dryland Senior Gold/Silver/Blue and Age Group Gold

NO workouts during the March Break from Sunday March 9 to Sunday March 16.



CONGRATULATIONS to everyone who raced last weekend, whether in London at Provincials or the time trial, or in Newmarket. Every swim meet has ups and downs and twists and turns, but with our effort throughout the weekend on all fronts we are now even stronger, tougher, and more resilient than ever before, not to mention faster! Of note at Provincials: we finished 11th overall in the team ranking; we collected 3 gold, 3 silver and 4 bronze medals; 13 of our 27 swimmers placed in the top 8 in at least one individual event; eleven club records were broken, and twenty swims ranked in our all-time top 10 list. CONGRATULATIONS to our medalists William 2G-1B, Jenna 1G-1B, Maggie 2S-1B, and Vince 1B, and our 13/14 girls 4x50MR silver medalists Jessica, Jenna, Maggie and Ellie. Aitana set 3 club records, Maggie set 2, while Jessica, Jenna, Brandon and William all set 1, and our 13/14 girls relay teams set 3 new club marks (Jessica, Menley, Maggie, Jenna, and Ellie). 

At Newmarket we were just under 60% in terms of PB's, and our 36 swimmer contingent was led by Madison (2G-1S), Melissa (1G), Taylor (1S), James (2B), and Holly and Jacob, who each collected a bronze. Many thanks to Newmarket chaperone Cindy Salmon for taking care of our team travel swimmers. At our time trial on Sun.Mar.2 the coaches were very happy with the level of improvement shown in all areas of technique, whether it was starting, swimming or turning. Our youngest swimmers have come a long way since September. Well done to all of you.

Final CONGRATULATIONS to first time qualifiers Madelaine Shoemaker (Regionals) and Brandon Ryu and William Stewart (Eastern Canadians).

As we move closer to the March Break, and a week off, take the time to think about what you want to accomplish in the summer season, and remember that it is a much shorter season, so once you return from the break you'll need to be ready to get right back to work.



The dust has settled and we've successfully hosted one of the most important meets Swim Ontario sponsors. We had a great 4 days of racing with some fantastic swimming and record-breaking achievements. All of this would not have been possible without the efforts of our club and it's many volunteers, and my personal thanks go out to everyone who had a part in this. Special thanks to Mark Lukings and Saad Aldin for their critical work in setting up and monitoring our new Quantum timing system (which was virtually flawless in its debut), Glenn Greig for his valuable contribution as Meet Referee, Mary Allen (and Mike Joudrey) for their great work in co-ordinating all minor officials over a very challenging 4 days, the tireless canteen/hospitality crew (thanks Tim), the exceptional work of the entire awards staff (I thought the presenting of medals by our young volunteers was first-class), support from Andrew, Donna and all the coaches, the excellent work by our setup and tear-down crew, and every other volunteer and official who helped from the initial setup to the final tear down - our success is due in no small part to your generous willingness to participate. We have established ourselves very favourably in the eyes of Swim Ontario, and this puts us in a very enviable position moving forward.

Our Time Trial saw a number of great swims from mostly development swimmers, and if having fun and enjoying the sport both competitively and socially is a way of measuring success, we succeeded. The very original artwork on the entry doors to the pool deck was evidence of this.

Once again, my thanks to everyone.

Greg Lewis, Meet Manager, 2104 AG Champs and LAC Time Trial



Well folks, we did it! We had brand new equipment being tested and configured right up to the last minute and we still managed to pull off 11 near flawless Provincial Championship sessions! Very exciting! Special thanks to our Meet Manager Greg Lewis and Meet Referee Glenn Greig for all of their time and effort throughout all of those sessions! I would also like to personally acknowledge Tim Hamel from RecTec. Yes, he sold us the equipment, and we should expect some support, but he was there Wednesday for set-up and testing and for 9 of the 11 sessions, training and making sure things continued to run smoothly. I think that is outstanding! I rarely thank her by name but every Meet Manager has a level of comfort knowing that Rose Bloch-Hansen is making sure the office is running smoothly. Thanks Rose! Our Minor Officials coordinators have lots of up front prep and must be there for each session. Thanks Mary and Mike. We could not run these meets without them and so a big thank you goes to all of the out of town Senior Officials who continue to come out and support our meets. Thank you ladies and gentlemen! Finally, a great big thank you to all of the LAC parents, family, friends, and un-associated volunteers who covered all of the minor official jobs, canteen, awards, and set-up and tear down. We should all be proud! Hey Tim and crew, the food was great!

The Provincial Champs sessions were great but for everyone who helped out at the fully staffed Sunday Time Trial you will agree that it was pretty special getting some of our youngest and very excited and/or nervous swimmers into the big pool. Great job everyone!

Another reminder that the Western Region clinic day will be held on Saturday, March 22 at the St. Thomas Campus of Fanshawe College. The morning clinics will include Referee, Recorder/Scorer, Strokes and Turns, and Chief Finish Judge/Chief Judge Electronics. The afternoon clinics will be Starter, Meet Manager, Clerk Of Course, and Chief Timekeeper. This is a great opportunity to attend live clinics for those positions that are presented less often. Morning refreshments and lunch are provided and there is no charge for any of this. Mark your calendars. You can register on your OSOA.CA account or you can just show up, but keep in mind that they have to plan for the right amount of food.

If anyone has any questions about anything officiating related, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Mark Lukings L.A.C. Co-Club Officials Chair



Apr 6 Pentathlon CGAC (ALL LAC swimmers) Entry Deadline: Mar 20


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