LASC Masters



LASC Masters

Beginning in September 2017 LASC and the former Lethbridge Masters Swim Club joined together.  LASC Masters will help you improve you technique, gain/maintain fitness, compete in masters swimming competitions or prepare for the Triathlon season.  Best of all, with a group of adults that loves to swim!

Master Fees are $550 for the year
If you have a non - competitive swimmer the fees are $450
If you have a competitive swimmer the fees are $350
Swim AB/Canada yearly fee is $37


2020-21 Masters Practice Schedule

Due to changes in pool availability and practice time utilization we have made changes to the Master's practice schedule for this year. 
  • We have moved our evening swim time earlier and added another practice
  • We will not be running a mid-morning group this year
Monday/Wednesday/Friday morning
6:00-7:00 am
Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday evening
5:15-6:15 pm