Competitive Program Information

A description of our Competitive program is provided below, for more details regarding program requirements and recommendations please see click the following link - 2016 & 2017 LSC Competitive Program Information.


Comp 3

This group is where application and the reason for swimming becomes apparent. Swimmers learn starts and turns, race tactics in sanctioned meets and more. The primary focus in on mechanics. Participation in other sports are encouraged. Prior to this stage the young athlete was learning (developing) how to swim. 


Comp 2

Swimmers within this group are expected to be self-motivated and aware of practice expectations. The focus of this group is fine-tuning fundamental technique and building endurance for longer swims. Consistency in stroke effectiveness and understanding how to control pace is key.


Comp 1

Swimmers in this group have at least 2 years of comeptitive swimming and are active in competing. The training emphasis is on distance, power and endurance with a solid foundation of mechanics. Swimmers will focus on fine-tuning their stroke efficiency, and develop advanced skills to improve their competitive capabilities and results. 


Senior 2

Swimmers in this group are high-performing athletes who wish to further develop advance techniques and racing strategies at a higher level. The emphasis would be on specialization as swimmers at this stage would need different focus in their race. Commitment to the training and willingness in "giving it all" is key to succeed in this group. 


Senior 1

Swimmers in this group are the best senior athletes in LSC who are pursuing higher standings in the province and in the country. The emphasis would be on individualization as swimmers are aiming to win in their specialized events. Commitment to the life-style of high performance swimming and being adaptable to any training load and intensity is a must.