• The Discovery squad is split into A, B, and C subgroups based on skill levels.
  • Swimmers in this squad will be striving to learn proper technique in all four competitive strokes, including starts and turns. 
  • Swimmers will be introduced to goal setting, generally accepted racing strategies, and have their first taste of competition at appropriately selected local competitions and club hosted meets
  • Swimmers will also compete and strive to improve their technique while maintaining fitness and having fun. 
  • The training emphasis is on learning how to swim properly, not time standards. 
  • Swimmers will target a graduation into the “Bronze” squad, though they may also require additional development training in Discovery A, B, or C subgroups.
  • Graduations are based on met criteria including training, skill, performance, accountability and commitment.
  • Swimmers will work within a structured curriculum designed to improve and master the technical fundamentals of their sport, as well as develop their aerobic fitness. Therefore, attendance is critical for long-term development, improvement, and success.


  • Swimmers should be 9-12 years of age.
  • Head Coach will make final decision on entry into this group.