Tips for Parents

Tips for Parents

Mallards Website (need an account)…

  • Check schedule/account/hours worked
  • Approve/Decline swimmers meet attendance (please note, if you do not decline, your swimmer is automatically entered)
  • Sign up for volunteer jobs (they go quick, so act quickly)
  • Sign up for swim officiating courses (post on website when available)

WhatsApp: Contact Gigi Chan ([email protected])

  • General Mallards news
  • Makes it easier for parents to communicate with each other

On Deck:

  • Free app that allows you to access your swimming account

Meet Mobile ($9.00)

  • An app that allows you to track your swimmer’s progress at swim meets

Coach Communication

  • Ask for your coach’s phone number
  • Individual coach’s email addresses on the website

Swim Store Discount (20%)


Frequently Asked Questions

What do I pack my child for a swim meet?

  • Two towels.
  • Two swim caps.
  • Two pairs of goggles.
  • Flip flops/Clean pair of deck shoes.
  • Team/Orange t-shirt. Long sweat pant type pants, shorts. Socks also help to keep the swimmers warm.
  • Healthy snacks such as a hard-boiled egg or dried fruit.
  • Water bottle (swimmers need to stay hydrated).
  • Sharpie to write your swimmers event numbers, heat numbers and lane numbers either on a sheet of paper or on their arms (note: write small because swim meets tend to have more than one day and your child’s arm is on the small side).
  • Things to do on deck that allow them to sit with their group and not run around on deck (e.g., cards, notebooks to draw/play games in, a book). Be careful with electronics as they may be unattended during warm ups and during your child’s race.

Who picks what your child will be swimming at the meet?

  • The coaches know your swimmer and try to enter them into the events that best suit their ability.
  • If you would prefer that your swimmer swims a certain event, when you are replying that your child will attend a swim meet, write your preference in the section where it states notes to coach.
  • Ultimately, coaches will make the final decision about the events for the swimmer.

What time should your child be on deck before the start of a meet?

  • It’s a good idea to arrive on deck 15 minutes before the meet begins. This allows your swimmer to hear what the warmup is and where they will be swimming. It also allows your child a chance to write their events on their arm/notebook.   
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