How many kids will be swimming in my lane?


Level 1 - 8 max

Level 2 - 7 max 

​Level 3 - 6 max


Do we have to participate in swim meets?


Being part of club is a great opportunity for kids and parents to be a part of a great team environment.  We have found parents and kids find friends for a lifetime through this sport.  We encourage everyone that is part of the club to be part of the atmosphere and that does mean participating in swim meets.  Consider it to be similar to any other sport where they practice and then play games.  The participant will learn so much about the sport and themselves by participating in these fabulous events.  This is the best way to really see the improvement these kids make over a short season of swimming.


I signed up for a swim meet, but now we can't make it

​Every child registered to swim in a meet has to pay a meet entry fee of $25. For the 2018 season the club will pay $10 of the $25 for each swimmer, and the family will pay the remaining $15. If you are unable to attend, you will have to repay the MMSSC portion of fee's.


Contact the Coach - you will need to contact the coach via email in the days leading up to the meet and by text the day of the meet, so that they can get the swimmer scratched from the events.


My kid is new to swimming, what should I bring to the first practice?


Swimming is a great sport that requires very little equipment.  All you will need is a swimsuit, a good pair of goggles and a positive attitude!


During swim practice, what is expected of me as a parent?


Speed swimming is a great sport that allows everyone the opportunity to challenge himself or herself as an individual within a team environment.  Our talented coaches carefully prepare each practice and all drills and are developing a unique skill-set for each stroke.  Our coaches have all had experience at a high level of swimming themselves and have had specialized training with getting the most from every participant they are coaching.  As a parent, the only role we have is to sit back and enjoy the process our kids are traveling through.  We get to enjoy watching our kids learn to push themselves and learn from their failures and successes.  Hopefully you will find that you child will become more confident through the season and progress in their individual skills.

We encourage kids to communicate directly to the coaches if they have any questions and our coaches strive to encourage good communication through this process of learning.


How does the club handle negative behavior?


In the rare circumstance where coaches are consistently having difficulty with an individual swimmer, we like to try and find out why first of all and try different techniques to build and encourage the individual.  Sometimes that means we have to follow the following three steps:


1.      warning

2.      sit out

3.      coach talking to a parent


With all three steps we will keep in touch with the parents to make sure the child and the parent understands why we have chosen this method and the steps we can take to improve the understanding of their role as a swimmer in the pool.


How can I communicate with the coach?


We encourage communication whenever there are questions that parents may have.  We have built a strong club with great board members who have all had kids in the program.  Please feel free to ask any of them questions first and they can direct you in the best way to have your questions answered efficiently.  We have two options for parents if they happen to have questions and a board member is not available.  They can either email or text the coaches.  Please refrain from approaching the coaches during practice.  We have found that it distracts from the process and gives both parents and the coaches an opportunity to answer questions with a clear mind.


I can’t make my practice, who should I tell?


Please email or text coaches as soon as you know that you will not be able to attend practice.  It is important to let them know so they can appropriately plan a practice for the expected number of children.


I am signed up for a meet, how do I communicate that?

You register through this website.  Swim meets and team events will have a link posted to the home page once the season begins.


I registered my child and we can no longer commit, can I get a refund?


​Please see the refund policy on the bottom of the registration tab


What is the process with a swim meet?

​answering coming soon


Who can attend a swim meet?


Anyone that is part of levels 1 through 3 can participate in swim meets and it is such a wonderful experience.  The day will be filled with meeting new friends, great competition and developing a great relationship with the coaches.  If you have questions about if your child will be ready, we encourage you to speak with our board members who have experienced many meets or email your child’s coach.


How do I become a volunteer during a swim meet?


This is the best way to learn about speed swimming.  There is an online test that is complete with the information you will need to become an official timekeeper.  It’s also  the best seat in the house!


My kid can’t make the scheduled swim practice; can we arrange a different time?


This is sometimes possible for short periods of time.  You will need to discuss this with your Coach as it is dependent on room in the lane (can not exceed maximum)  as well as the swimmers ability level.   


My child is having pain, what should we do?


Always tell the coach so they can adjust warm ups and practice.  It’s also important to visit a doctor.


What is a Meet Fee?

The cost for entering swim meets in Region C is typically $25 per swimmer.  The host team invoices each club prior to the meet, and the host team applies the entry fee  to operating the swim meet.