Mission Statement

The Milton Marlin Swim Team is a not-for-profit organization, providing Milton area youth ages 6 and up with the opportunity to learn and participate in the sport of competitive swimming. The Marlins offer swim programs from pre-competitive to high performance coaching for local, regional, provincial, national and international competitions. Since 1990, we have designed our programs to promote and develop individual potential within a fun, team-based environment. Our grassroots swim program for our youngest swimmers -- Milton Marlin Swim Academy -- has over 200 amazing kids and reflects Milton’s fast-growing community and interest in swimming as a sport of choice for a long term healthy and active lifestyle. Check out our Swim Programs online, email us, or drop by our new office location at the Milton Sports Centre!

Mission Statement:

“We exist to promote and excel in the sport of competitive swimming. We develop swimmers through advanced sport specific training plans, providing an environment that builds passion for the sport, and utilizing advanced coaching techniques. We will enable our athletes to achieve their best results physically, mentally, and emotionally in a sport they can enjoy their entire lives.”