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Class/ Level Descriptions

To continue to ensure we offer you & your child a world class swimming environment, we've re-evaluated & updated our coach to swimmer ratio for the upcoming season. This means more time, instruction, & correction spent on each individual child! The new class ratios are outlined for you on the above "Schedule & Fees" document.

The Milton Marlins Swim Academy has been established for over 20 years and has developed a 3 level program which will help your child learn the four competitive strokes and improve their fitness and strength in the water. This program has seen thousands of your swimmers since its inception and is the largest program of its type in Milton.

The Milton Marlins Swim Academy program is for 12 and under children. Entrants should have passed ‘Swimmer’ level 4 before attempting to enter this program (or be able to swim one full length of the pool unassisted). All children should wear a one-piece swimsuit and have a pair of swimming goggles and fins. Swimming fins can be purchased from Team Aquatics (Burlington) or Swim & Sport (Mississauga) for approximately $30.

The Swim Academy will be operating out of the Milton Sports Centre. The pool used for much of the Teams competitive programming is the Milton Sports Centre, which is also where the Team’s office is located.

Our Milton Marlins Swim Academy program recognizes the importance of proper skill development in a progressive manner, with a view to helping your child became a stronger, safer swimmer. Each level is backed by certificates to reward and encourage children at the completion of each level.

Our coaches are themselves knowledgeable and skilled swimmers and offer experiential insight into the sport of swimming. They are trained in house to ensure a high level of teaching and education for your child is achieved.

Here at the Milton Marlins, we encourage you to be involved in the Swim Academy process. We do offer opportunities for you to speak with your child’s coach regularly, however, if you have more questions and wish to contact us, please email us at registrar@miltonmarlins.ca

We hope you enjoy your Milton Marlins Swim Academy experience.

All NEW swimmers require an evaluation prior to registering

Click HERE to start the registration process if you are a returning member/ have already been evaluated.

To set up an evaluation to join the team, email us at registrar@miltonmarlins.ca