Equipment List for Swimmers

We bring in equipment at the beginning of each season for swimmers to purchase.  After our initial order, equipment can be ordered online from TAS and members can use our members discount on their online orders.  

Level OPTIONAL              
Senior Team warm up suit NCA Cap Goggles kick board Speedo Power Plus Paddles Sculling Paddles Pull buoy and pulling band Short blade Fins
Junior Team warm up suit NCA Cap goggles kick board

pull buoy


Youth/Development Team warm up NCA Cap Goggles

kick board


Pull buoy 


Novice  Team warm up NCA Cap Goggles

kick board


Pull Buoy junior Fins    

Other items:  water bottle and deck sandals to prevent stubbed toes

For after practice:  a large shammy towel and warm clothing (a warm up suit is great) to dry off and go home in their swim suit.  

For Meets:  a towel (shammy) for on deck to dry off after a swim, warm up pants and jacket, water bottle, cap and goggles.  Ideally, swimmers should have a pair of goggles just for competition so they always fit and are adjusted so they won't come off when the swimmer dives in. 


This season, since some swimmers will be arriving and departing in their swim suits, a warm up suit is useful.  If swimmers have their team parkas, these can be great for this along with some warm up pants.  We will be looking into links so families can order these items online.

Here is the link to order Team warm ups  and hoodies from  King sports wear. The link is open until November 12th.

 Follow the link to the  Team Aquatic portal to order your equipment needs online.

Club members get a 20% discount on items ordered through Team Aquatic Supply if they use the team code on the following Shark Card. 

Shark Card :/cannca/UserFiles/Image/QuickUpload/nickel-city-aquatics_062184.pdf

Members can also order from Ly Sports at the following link: