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Our Program Vision

To give athletes a foundation which will encourage them to continue this sport on a lifelong basis. To promote confidence in and out of the water and to develop the technical excellence which will ensure they are able to achieve their goals.  

Intro Level  ages 8 and under  Swimmers swim once weekly. Coach to swimmer ratio is very small.    This level is meant to introduce young swimmers to our program and to basic swimming skills such as breathing, buoyancy, balance, kicking and to develop a comfort with the water.  Having fun and developing confidence in the water is a major focus.  Swimmers in this level do not compete in swim meets.  This program runs from mid-September to mid-June.

 Novice Pre comp  Level  ages 7-10  Swimmers swim twice per week.  The focus of this level is to provide a feel for the water and to emphasize balance, breathing, buoyancy and line as the basis for all 4 competitive strokes and to develop a basis for a lifetime of swimming. Competitive swimming skills learned in the novice level include bilateral breathing technique for freestyle, sculling, kicking for all 4 strokes, streamline, and dive from blocks, basic freestyle, breast stroke  and backstroke.  25 m torpedo kick is perfected.  Novice Pre Comp swimmers may compete in club hosted minimeets and local meets appropriate to their skills levels.

  Novice Comp level ages 7-10  Swimmers swim three times weekly.  Swimmers in this level can kick 200 m freestyle kick with a board.  They  will develop increased endurance in freestyle and legal backstroke and breast stroke.  Starts for Freestyle, backstroke and breast stroke are learned.   They will learn to butterfly kick in all body positions. Competent butterfly for short distances will be developed.   More development of sculling techniques will occur.  Swimmers are encouraged to begin competing in local hosted swim meets 3-5 times per year. 

Development level ages 9-12  Swimmers swim 3-4 times per week.  There are no morning practices. There is one fitness practice in the gym.  Practices have a strong focus on technical skills and drills of all 4 competitive strokes.  Introduction to competition skills including starts and turns for all 4 strokes will be further developed.   There is emphasis on technically sound swimming over speed in competition. Swimmers will be introduced to endurance swimming.   Development swimmers are encouraged to participate in meets appropriate to their skills and comfort level.  Development swimmers have the opportunity to compete in 4-6 meets per season.  Season runs mid-Sept to mid-June. 

Youth level ages 9-12  Swimmers swim 3-5  times per week and have 1 general dryland conditioning practices per week in the gym  as well as 1 formal fitness class.  Swimmers will have further development of technical skills and begin to use these skills in competition.  Further development of endurance swimming will occur. Swimmers will be introduced to swimming IM's in practice and competition. Swimmers will be introduced to pace clock.  Introduction to goal setting begins.  Swimmers in this level may compete 5-7  meets and are aiming to qualify for regional A meets. 

  Program runs mid-Sept to Mid-June. 

Junior ages 12-13:  Junior swimmers attend 5 pool sessions.  There are 2 formal strength and conditioning sessions.  Swimmers in this level are committed to striving to attain festival standards or better.  Swimmers will be solidifying IM skills and competing in distance events.  Competency with managing the pace clock and familiarity with concepts of distance per stroke and stroke rate will be emphasized.  Attendence at both pool and dryland sessions is expected. 

Senior 14 and over:   7 pool sessions and  2 strength and conditioning sessions.  This level is meant to prepare swimmers to swim at the provincial level and higher.   Swimmers are striving to qualify for provincial level standards and better.  Competency with pace clock, concepts of distance per stroke, and solidifying technical excellence in all 4 strokes is the goal.  Development of racing strategy and beginning to execute these in a racing environment is further emphasized. Goal setting is further developed.  Attendence at all pool sessions and dryland session is expected. Emphasis on self-management including pre-meet prep, the role of nutrition and recovery occurs.  Commitment to quality training in order to achieve goals is necessary.

Swimmers train from mid-Sept to mid July.

Recreational Level swimmers swim 2 times per week.  This level is intended for 11 and over swimmers who are competent in Freestyle/Backstroke and Breaststroke and who wish to maintain involvement in the sport, improve fitness, further develop technical skills and maintain contact with the water on a regular basis.  Recreational swimmers will compete only in discussion with the Head Coach.  

Masters Level:    Please contact the Head Coach  for further information about our program. 

Introduction to competitive swimming:  we offer a free 2 week trial  of our program. This program consist of 1-2 practices per week at a level appropriate to each swimmer.  There is no cost for this trial. 

To register or for more information for a trial contact:

Linda Tenhunen at 705-523-8684 or email:

We accept new swimmers throughout the season.  Give a call or email to find out more about our program.

Our program can help you to SWIM BETTER, SWIM FASTER, SWIM FARTHER.